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Easy color palette selector, so if you have a client out there who is looking for like I want to, my house is currently like this and I want it to look like this and you want to find complementary colors or ones that could be used as accents or you want to brighten something up.

Then you can simply, you know, look at some of these different items. Ok, so we’re going to share this off here. Yeah. And so the website in particular, Omkar is going to chat that one in for us this morning, but it’s like colors, but like spelled little different colors. But it’s coolors.co .

Ok, so just be a little careful that when you go there. But these are some of the different tools that you can use to to select complementary colors, but you did want to address what is the color of the year?

Yes. So the twenty twenty two, you know, every year I don’t know why it’s Sherwin-Williams. I think they’re fortunate to be named as the color selector, but the twenty twenty two color of the year for next year is is it evergreen? So it’s like a a greenish gray.

Yeah. And you’ll kind of see it right in here. This is a little bit of more of a green out. Everybody picks a different color. So Sherwin- Williams has their color of the year. Behr will have theirs. Glidden, all the different companies. You’re going to put them out, right?

Evergreen Fogg is one of them that Shauna saw, and it was a little bit more of a green closer to this, and it was kind of transitioning from the gray to more of a green right. I’ve seen a lot of them that are kind of like the light avocado is kind of what they’re trying to call it here with the beach house with that green, but it’s just a bright color. Maybe you see some of the tones in here and you see the gray.

So this is a good picture to show off some of the stuff because it shows stainless. It shows some of the whites and some of the grays and some of that green or green. The more I don’t know whatever color, but then it’s got, you know, the I don’t know if those are green apples up there, but it’s showing off the colors in a reasonable way.

Yeah, OK. Yeah. And as you go through this, there’s different colors that become, you know, key colors. So when the trends change right, then you’re able to kind of go through and select different colors.

That’s about what you’re kind of looking at, right for the color of the year with that one. But if you’re looking for other complementary colors, that’s when we go to colors. Ok, OK. And that’s when you can go in and start in generating some different colors. So if we go to their website and they actually have an app and I’m super impressed with how and with how awesome this is, there’s a ton of different things that you can do.

So in this way, if we want to go ahead and generate a color palette for something in particular, right, then we can go ahead and we can take a picture, we can import it. So if we go from a picture, we can actually grab any image that’s out there, OK, OK, and then bring that one in in particular. So if we brought in this picture here and said.

All right, let’s find whatever it is, then you can sample from the picture the specific color, and it’ll start to give you other items that are inside here to come up with different palettes that it’s picking up from here. So if you’re looking to kind of come up with this, then you that would be good. So if those are the colors you were selecting right, then you can go ahead and open up in the in the generator and they’ll have this.

You can print out these colors. Yeah, yeah. And then you can go in and change whatever they happen to be. So if you wanted to shade it down a little bit, so these are all the same kind of colors and the shades so you could use in here and you could select different ones from within here that happened to to meet your needs, right? And then you can go ahead and rearrange them so you get the colors in the right order that you’re looking for.

But this would do a good job to get you complementary colors to see what they look like next to each other and be like, Oh, this actually is going to look really good next to this one. If that’s whatever your thought is. Ok, so it gives you an opportunity to look at things a little bit differently. That’s awesome. Yeah. And then you can see how people with colorblindness see what it looks like.

No, it’s an amazing app inside here and there’s tons of different things and you can adjust it and see what’s going on here and adjust the hues and the century. Right. It’s it’s a really cool tool to play with. And if you know anything to do with your creative, yes,

This is a great tool for you. And if you’re not.  No, it’s even better. It’s especially good if you’re not good with it. A lot of the items that we just showed in the last segment were also produced by this as well. Right. So that’s how those pictures ended up coming across. Awesome.

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