Dress For Success.

Hey there, you’re a realtor, you should be dressing for success, what is success look like? Not eggs, not uggs, not sweat pants.

Ok, that’s fine. Tell me more. So you’re a professional, all right? And many times I’ve gone to show a property and somebody coming in behind you and you can’t tell who the agent is or who the client is. And I think that is. I just think that’s unacceptable, you know?

Sometimes I’ll get a call from someone, and I can’t believe this guy walked in with shorts like cargo shorts and cargo shorts is a hot topic within itself, but not professionally dressed. And, you know, if you you have to think about it from the flip side, if you go to court, say you went to court or you went to have surgery and your doctor or your attorney came in and they had shorts and a t shirt on and a hat ready. You probably wouldn’t feel good about that. Are you an attorney or a doctor? No.

Ok, so so hats are appropriate for that hat back on. It matters. And, you know, I’m not saying you have to have the most expensive outfit ever, but you do need to be dressed professionally. And if you have any question on what that is, then let’s have a conversation, but it’s not flip flops. And it’s not UGS and it’s not yoga pants, I know sometimes we can dress those yoga pants up, but it’s not.

So, you know, if you want people to respect you as an industry professional, you need to dress successfully and especially for closing, right? Absolutely, because that’s a day you’re taking a picture, right? Well, most likely. I mean, you see some of the pictures from closing in on the car. That was not a great choice.

But, you know, I you know, it’s it’s kind of a double edged sword here. You tell people you want to be comfortable, relax, whatever. But then on the flip side. You know, hey, you’ve got to dress nice if you want someone to respect you and you can say, well, they should just like me for me, not how I dress. I get that. But as a professional, I think you have standards that you should adhere to and dressing as one of them.

Very good, and maybe that helps you get higher and higher end clients. I’m not sure. I don’t know. Since I adopted my current style, I’ve been I’ve been doing pretty well in real estate. Chat in if you think Mike‘s dress is totally inappropriate, it’s not inappropriate. It’s not inappropriate. But you’re not out really showing homes. No, you are. You’re taking people out and a.

You know, land or something, so it’s it’s different. It is just be put together and look professional, please, because I think you’ll find you’ll get more respect and it will help your business and it makes you feel better. You dress up and you look nice. You mentally are focused and you feel important and professional in that that’s going to help you do your job better. I really think so, very good.

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Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 8.20.21

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