Sometimes you have to be pushed and you have to understand what’s out there and what’s possible in that kind of happened with our career. I can remember several different times during my career when we were sitting there and we thought we were doing like, all right, you know what I mean? Like, we were doing certain numbers and things were working out for us. And then all of a sudden we heard something. From somebody else, like, did you know that this person is doing this is like, wait a minute. And it just didn’t really resonate with me until I heard it and I was like, whoa, that’s more than we’re currently doing. And then all of a sudden we would start doing that number because our mind, like, re calibrated, readjusted to what that new number is, you know, and then it happened like successive times. Right. When you start to like a plateau or something, all of a sudden you hear something.

You’re like, oh, well, I think there are times that we would say, well. We’re just small, and I think we made a point to not ever let that be like an excuse for us, right, that just because it’s you and I and we started small, that why can’t we do the same things that everybody else does? So, yeah.

So it is amazing, never, never put limitations on yourself.

I mean, there are some things that happen that I mean, if you put your mind to it, I do believe that, you know, you can achieve it.

You really, really can. So I would you know, I don’t want to talk about the exact people that did any of these numbers because it’s that doesn’t seem fair to me or too, you know, to that other person because they told me these things kind of in confidence. But so I just kind of talk through some numbers that I heard and I want to say the person or anything.

But the first time that I heard somebody say that their commission earnings were two hundred and fifty thousand dollars a year. I was just like, damn, that’s serious money, and I was like, whoa!

And that was kind of like my first job, you know what I mean is like, no. So, you know what I mean? So that was like the first kind of job. Yeah, that was a thing. And my mind was just like, holy cow, that’s a no like you can do. That is a real estate agent. It’s a home with your children. So yeah, it was. So those things are like actually possible.

And then I heard all the numbers that it was like, did you know that person made? And then they would say something like with how much money. Right. And that person did a million dollars. And I was like, well, in transactions it’s not a lot, you know, in earnings. You know what I mean, and that number just kind of didn’t it was like, whoa! And it was kind of like a team. But then I heard that number and I was like, wow, that’s like an extreme number. And they had several people were like, don’t get me wrong. But that’s a number that’s also possible for a relatively small team. And then I heard other numbers.

So just like I need to say this and explain them to you so that you can just kind of calibrate your brain as to what is possible when you push yourself. And we don’t often put things out there and you put people on leader boards and do those things. So that’s why I think this is kind of important to understand.

Then I heard somebody is like, oh. Did you know they did a hundred million dollars in transactions on an annual basis for this for this group routine, and it was obviously a larger team and these are names that, you know, you’ve heard of locally. And I was like, whoa. And that was just kind of like. All right, so that’s a no right, and then you do the math on that.

Thinking like maybe they give a little bit of a discount or something, or maybe there’s some type of something commission wise. And I know there’s like no standard commission in real estate and we can’t discuss that. But all of a sudden you do the quick math in your mind. And you’re like 100 million.

And then, like, do the math and you multiply it by a number and then you look at that and you think about it and you’re like, well, how many people? And like and you’re like, hmm, that’s interesting.

You know, I think you have to dream big. You have to never put limitations on yourself. And I would put any of our guys up against any of those teams, because if you look individually, what you guys do, it’s very impressive.

And that kind of goes back to I mean, we love you branding yourself individually. I think it matters. And, you know, just being able to accomplish what you wear in a good market, which helps. But you have to also be out there hustling and getting the business and working them and getting them to close.

So there’s a whole process that goes into this.

And, you know, you guys, I think, have set out goals for yourselves. What about the goal and achieve just the guys like Logan, Mike and myself? Yeah. You guys all of you have set out goals yourself. And, you know, you allow us to kind of push you and do different things, too, and you’re accepting of that. And I think that, you know, what each one of you has accomplished at this point in time in your real estate careers. Amazing. And I don’t know why you can’t keep going. So don’t ever think that you’ve reached. This is great, right? Keep pushing yourself. Keep dreaming, come up with things outside of the, you know, outside of the box and do different things.

So what is some of the things that helped motivate us over time? Right. Whenever you kind of help. No, no, no, no. All right. So there would be different times that we would see things that would motivate us. And it always seemed like when we would go out and take a moment and look at different home for ourselves, we like doing that when we got chased by squirrels. Yeah, no. So there’s different times when you go out and you’re like, oh, what would I have to do to do to do this?

And so we would consistently go look at different places just every once in a while. And it kind of seemed like every few years when we’d hit a plateau or maybe have the next level of success, we would go look at something and you know, sometime maybe you don’t have to do it, but it just really motivates you. So if you’re looking for a motivation to do that, that’s something that we definitely did. And it it’s it just, I don’t know, like fresh blood in you, but it does get you moving. It gets you excited. And so those are those are things know. But Shauna said something as well that I think is important to highlight here is I’m talking about dreaming big, but I also do need to really congratulate everybody with what you guys are personally doing. And I look at some of the things and maybe you didn’t realize that you were that you were capable of doing the numbers you’re doing a while ago. Right. Because the numbers have been good. And I look at people’s earnings and it’s impressive.

And I’ll tell you, I you know, I talk and  closely work with a lot of different brokers from big companies to independents. And I haven’t heard any numbers like.

We see coming from our guys, I mean, I don’t I don’t openly share all of that, but I do just think to myself, wow.

But we do have awesome people to know.

That’s really a big deal because I was meeting with a new agent. We have serious go getters. I always meet with a potential new agent to come to work with us. And they were kind of speaking about numbers that they heard from other firms, like an average agent with us does a successful agent with us, a magazine. Right. And they were going through kind of these numbers. And I was like, it’s funny how it’s still like, yeah, that’s not really a number, guys. Yeah. Yes. So you guys are super impressive as you are. Keep dreaming, actually, during the really, really, really impressive. So the average numbers for people that are working with us are way off the charts and how well you guys are doing. And maybe that goes a lot to to imagine helping out and meeting with you guys. Maybe it has to do with Stacy giving you guys the ability to do those things. Right. And so that’s what gets you to things like that. I’m sure it’s probably a lot of your time with Shauna and how she helps you work through the contracts and save them. Don’t underestimate how important it is that when you have something come up that you save the deal in process, because if you lose those and they fall out, see that and you probably don’t want to do that. Yeah, I mean that in my superimportant right. You don’t always work out, but I kind of like working through that. No, it’s amazing how you help people out there and possibly I hope that I add something as well. Right.

Of course, I think it’s the whole real estate family approach that family helps family and you have each other’s back and you’re always there for one another, you know, but it’s impressive. So dream big and maybe start thinking about big numbers for next year and what you’re going to start doing for them until then.

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