Don’t do the same thing wrong twice 

Learn from your mistakes, OK? No, it’s not just in real estate. We teach that to our children to have to make a mistake. That’s learning. You’ve learned something.

If you continue to make that mistake, then you’re kind of on you. So if you have a transaction, for example, and the

deal falls apart, you need to go back and retrace like you lost something. Right. And retrace your steps back and figure out where things could have went wrong or why that deal didn’t move forward. Don’t be afraid to ask, you know, contact the client and ask them, say, hey, it’s really important to me to learn and to grow. If you tell me congratulations.

But if you can please tell me, you know, what happened here so I can learn, you know, they’re pretty good about letting you know. Some people don’t feel comfortable telling you that maybe in person or on the phone, but an email, no problem. They they will do that for you. So, you know, if they tell you, well, you came empty handed, you didn’t have any graphics, you didn’t have anything to show me. And then the next time you’re like, well, that guy is just too picky.

The next time you go and you do the same thing, it’s kind of on you. So if someone gives you that feedback, take it and do something with it and learn from it, because that’s how you grow, making mistakes and losing deals. It’s not a bad thing. Right. That’s how you learn.

So it’s definitely an opportunity to improve. Yeah. And the unique thing about it is I can’t remember who I was talking to the other day about this, but I said we fail so, so many more times now than when we were just starting in the business and are like, Really, that’s weird. And I said, no, no. And the reason why and I started to walk through it and explain it is because we take so many so many more shots right now than we used to, because the size, scale and scope of kind of what we’ve grown to.

So every day we’re doing like all these different items in summer hits and summer misses. I think our shooting percentage or hit rate is going up. However, because we take more opportunities, we fail more often and it’s more about getting up and changing and learning from that.

Yes. To make sure that you don’t beat yourself for next, you know, and be all doom and gloom, just feel like, OK, learning opportunity. Now I’m going to be even better than I was before and never let that happen again.

Yes. And apply that lesson to other places. So if there is something that you saw, then there’s a lot of thought that goes behind that. Right. So I like to put a lot of time in and analyze like what why and how and how does this apply to the next item? And so we’re here to answer those questions and to help you walk through it, because we’ve probably done that.

And we would rather share with you not what you did wrong, but rather what we have done wrong and how we’ve learned from it. We’ve tried. Yes, because we’ve probably tried the next item that you’re thinking about. And does it work for you? I’m not sure we could at least share what we tried to do after that to make the next adjustment. So it’s it’s really about adjustments.

And if you don’t get feedback from, you know, the person, the the the client customer, then go back and try to see if you can come up with was something that I probably could have done that better. Right. Or I did everything I possibly could then, you know, but as long as you go back and you try to understand where you kind of.

Messed up, I guess it’s good. So this is the what part of the equation. Yeah. The next segment is going to cover the y y no sorry.

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