Don’t California My McKinney Texas – Hey, there Shana Acquisto, and my voice is changing, so Hannah from Acquisto Real Estate and this is interviewing top realtor in McKinney, Texas, we are here talking about our recent California trip and this phrase, don’t California. My McKinney, Texas. Why on earth me?

Don’t California My McKinney Texas

Ok, so it’s kind of funny because I do work with a lot of people that are relocating from out of state and my friends are always like, don’t bring that, don’t let those buyers into McKinney. We don’t want those buyers here.

Why are you working with them? Well, so here’s a secret. I’m from California. My husband’s from Colorado. You’re from Arkansas. Your husband’s from New York, y’all. We’ve all relocated here. Yes. Texas is a big melting pot. And so it’s it brings to mind an interesting real estate term called relocation diffusion, which we’ll talk more about later. But when different parts of the country are different, cultures all start moving.

And what happens and how do they change where they’ve moved to? So, yes, they could be bringing their political views or religious views, but they’re also bringing innovation and business. And I think that’s why our metroplex is booming. And we do have so much growth and opportunity here because we are getting some of the best of the best from every state. I think so, too.

And, you know, so don’t be hating on the Californians there. I mean, we really, really good ones out there. Yes. And a lot of them that are wanting to move, it’s because they do disagree with what’s happening there. And so they

Agree with what’s happening here. Right. Is, you know, kind of along the same lines as how we all may feel now. So you might be disappointed they’re coming in and paying cash and kicking you out of buying a home. But, you know, let’s give everybody a welcome.

Let’s beat the nice Texans, the Texans. But we have a reputation for.
Ok, so what type of agent do you think they are looking for?

Well, they definitely want somebody who’s knowledgeable about the area. And Kim Miller and I were just talking about this yesterday. You really need to know what schools are going to be best for their families or if they have a certain religious preference, like what community is good for them that they might like where their churches is to.

I had somebody who came into an open house this weekend that’s moving from Colorado and they had a church and a private school already lined up and they’re looking for homes right around there. And so it’s just really being an expert in finding out what’s most important to them.

You know, Mike has this phrase that he uses all the time, that you have two ears and one mouth. So if you just listen and then you can guide them, but you have to listen to them and then it’ll be pretty clear. And then if you understand your area and you’re, you know, very knowledgeable about your area, then you can guide them and help them. But understand it could be emotional.

Just moving alone is very overwhelming and emotional. So you need to give them a little extra care, whether it’s California, wherever they’re moving from, you know, take that extra time. And I think that’s what we really thrive on, is being able to to guide and help them through a difficult, you know, move.

And as hard as a parent, you’re changing the course of your kid’s lives and, you know, probably rocking their world. So we relocated when I was in middle school and we moved to Georgia and talked about a cultural change from California, where all of a sudden we weren’t wearing bongo short shorts. We’re like Dooney and Bourke, that long shorts. And, you know, it’s for it’s really hard for family.

So I think if you can just kind of be that first touch in that first resource and, you know, show them what makes our area special and how they can find their place here. Yeah. And some people move here and they know not one person. They have no family here. They have kids. And can you imagine you’re uprooting your family and doing what you feel is in their best interest, right? Yeah. And it’s it’s really hard. So, you know, when you’re Californian, whoever they are, don’t be. All right. We’re going to close that one out. Let’s go to word of the day, OK, sorry.
Don’t California My McKinney Texas

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 4.14.21

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