Is new construction, the quality of it, a little cheap? Hmm, let’s think about this and discuss your checklist.

Yeah. Are you even paying attention?  I know. Is anybody there? Hello? No, really. So what’s going on here is, you know, at different times, people are busy and it seems like they go through the construction method at the pace that you always correct what’s going on. And people are just slapping up homes all over the place. There’s a worker shortage.

So all of a sudden, if they have this worker shortage, then what’s going to happen is they need to recruit new people to the industry. So think if it was day one on a new job for you, would you be as good at it on day one as you are day one thousand or ten thousand?

So if they have a shortage and all of a sudden you’re like, we need more workers and they bring them in, how good are they going to be at this? Are they trying to substitute materials now? Right. So there’s different items that are different expenses now. So if you think about wood and the lumber prices going up, all of a sudden you’re like, oh, let’s substitute this for that. And then there’s like, well, that actually didn’t perform well, you know, like, oh, well, it’s in my house now. So now what? How do I change that? I would pay

Attention to it regardless of how I got to get my house. I need them to hurry. Do you really want to go home? Yes. What they’re putting in as the builder, these questions, what materials are you using? How is it different than 10 years ago?

Yeah. Are you making substitutions? Are you trying to find these alternate items to go in this property that’s supposed to last for a super long time? It’s like a permanent structure and all of a sudden you’re using untested or new methods. Right? There’s things that were in short supply. Glue was in short supply. What do you substitute for glue? Who knows, IANAL?

Right, so you come up with something new, is it is it going to work over a period of time? Right. You’re trying these different methods because one is in short supply and lumber is expensive. So then all of a sudden people are going to like composite plastic materials that you can paint. Well, is that good? I don’t know. Maybe it’s better. Maybe there’s no termites, maybe there’s something there. But maybe in five years or 10 years, we’ll find out. So should you be doing your research? Yes.

And being different. Some of the materials are using for that.
So is it going to work? Is if it gets wet, what happens to said material? Right. There’s all these different things people are pushing. I hear these floor guys all the time talking about this. Right. I have no idea where they come up with this, but they put these two words together and they put luxury and then vinyl and like what?

I’m sorry, ma’am. I’ve never those two are like. Magnets right to it, they just dont repel each other, they do so to my favorite words in the English language or home and office and then Shana Acquisto. So when she married me, I’m super happy to combine those two words together. And I also like the word home and all of this. So those are two words that are special to me. But vinyl in luxury. No, no, no.

It’s time to board. I like those words because, last call I get on right at the end. So what’s your style when you’re riding a plane? Right. What do you do? So I already have a seat and I know I’m on the plane and I’m not worried about it. Are you the person who’s, like, waiting in line and you’re getting in and you’re like, what’s my boarding group? I’m sitting there and you’re like, last call, final call. And I like, just sit there and wait. Right.

And there’s no reason because all you’re going to do is you’re going to walk down the runway and you’re going to like sit in this, you’re going to stand there behind one hundred other people and it’s going to be super hot and you’re just standing there or it’s gonna be cold depending on the time of year. That’s one of my things. So I get on dead last and final call for boarding or looking for passenger, a CEO, whereas a CEO. And I’m like, oh yeah, I’m right here. I’ll get on.

Look at you like, why aren’t you on? I’m like, I don’t know, because I don’t want to stand over there. I’ll stand here instead. It’s not John Shonna. Definitely not. So new construction. It feels cheap to me. Think about what’s going on. See are these materials going to be sustainable and are they going to work? Don’t know, and ask the builder, find out what they are doing, the research, and I’d recommend a phased inspection. You yeah. Do your job.

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