Do you make a good agent?

That’s a question I would like to think that everyone in our real estate family does very good.
So we have an article here that is nice enough that we were able to pull up.

And where she looks just like her. Yeah, a little different than how teachers look today. Today, teachers look like they should go to high school, especially in the first place.

They hire very, very young teachers. So you said miss him. Her name is Miss. All right. So this article is brought to us by Miss Him. And so what we have here is Miss Hamm talking to us and on an Inman article. And we’ll go through this and scroll down and get down to number one. Right.

1. Do we have a KNOFF right here?

Do we have enough income to support yourself for a six months with no commission income? OK, so that’s the first thing is do you have enough money that you can support yourself? Right. So when you get into it, you have to have a little bit of money. That’s one of the first things this business can be a little unpredictable. And right now, especially with the time of year that we’re getting into, we now have a difficult time frame. So we walked through and Stacy said how many closings we had for this week. So things are closing and we have to make sure that we’re netting more deals, putting in. So growth is going to be we wrote more contracts than we closed. And that means our the total company pipeline is growing. But what you saw this week is we closed more transactions, then we added to. So our actual pipeline of deals in process that were under contract had shrunk for the week. And that means that we’ll have less going forward in the future. So we need to be prepared for the winter. So although we look at our bank accounts now and we’re like, hey, this looks pretty good, right? There’s a bunch of closings and everyone kind of has a little bit more money now in their account. What you need to make sure is that you realize that we’re going to be a little bit slower through these months and elections always bring that same type of thing.

So that is a real it’s kind of like if you you know, we have a certain amount of months of inventory. Yeah, right.

And how we watch that with the sales and under contract and all of that and what’s active. It’s the same thing with your bank. And I forgot to check this link, Lincoln. So maybe we can do that real quick and put that in the chart for us here.

2. Do you plan to work full time and you’re hitting all the good ones?

I’ve witnessed this over the last week and it is so important. That you work full time at this job if you’re going to be successful. You must work full time, I 100% believe that, OK?

And so, you know, we have had some people that transitioned transitioning from working through that. Right. But the whole goal has to be to get through there.
They have two jobs and they still make this a full time job. So it doesn’t impact them.  

Or some people that are full time make it like two jobs themselves for justice because they work double time. Right. So it does require time. You can be flexible about your time. Right. But it does require your input in your time for sure.

You can’t have like. Well, today I can’t do real estate. I mean, that just doesn’t it makes it extremely difficult because and as soon as you tell your client that you can’t do something today, they’re like, oh, they don’t take me seriously. And like this.

And it’s like, oh, him as a prime example of this, that she knew that that could be challenging. And I think sometimes I forget that she has another job and then I’m a full time job.
Really just amazed because she would never know that. Yes, it’s very impressive.

3. Are you willing to doorknock in cold call if that’s what it takes to succeed?

So and there’s a bunch of different variants within this, right? So are you willing to do those different things? So I’ll tell you.
So we did that one time, I think when when our kids were little, we doorknocked. And I hate that. And I hate to say the word hate, but I dislike that so much that we vowed we will never have to do that again. So mind over matter, if you don’t like doing that, then you better you better come up with something else and you really have to value what you do with your time.

So like, if you don’t want to do that, but you would if you had to, then you have to realize how hard it is to generate business. You have to write any super thankful and then really work through referrals and so put in that much more effort in different places to not have to do that again. But you do ultimately have to be willing to and to do that. So you have to put yourself kind of second in that situation and be willing to put your career first and do that. But it’s kind of like a personality.

And there’s bridges that they push that door knocking that you should doorknock, so many homes a day. And I just that’s not it’s not for me. Maybe it is for for you guys. But if you don’t like doing that and you you know, and so do something equally.

So door knocking is one way and then there’s a different way. So I might have B I might be currently doing this right. So we moved up to the rock and a ranch and I’ve been going up each day doing some work in the afternoons and on the weekends. And I made a conscious effort that I wanted to meet more people. So what I did is I started going around and each day when I get an opportunity, I go and meet one person that lives in the neighborhood and just say hello. And immediately when I walk up to the door and I knock on the door right there, off put and there like, no, sir, we’re not buying anything. And I’m like, OK, I’m not here to sell you. Let me explain what I am and what right. And then they think I want something from them and I really don’t write. So I’m normally just there to say hello. And all I do is say, hey, we bought the place off the street and this is what’s going on. And I just wanted to say hi. And my beautiful wife and Shawna and I are planning on doing this. And I explain and kind of do that. And then what happens is they open up and then they show me through their house.

They take me and show me the view. They ask about what we’re doing. I have a couple of pictures of what we’re planning for and I invite them up. And if they want to come up, they come see me and whatever. Right. And then they start doing different things. They’re like, hey, do you need any tools?

And people are just like me, really, really not so much. So that’s how we’ve always done it really with this. And it kind of goes into the next one, too, I think for so the other day.

Let me let me finish on this. So I went through and I was going up on Saturday morning and I happened to be up relatively early. Right. So it was like 9:00 a.m. that I was pulling into the neighborhood and I decided that I didn’t want to be too rude with a couple of different things. What it is, I brought some donuts with me and I stopped and I got a bunch of different packages of donut holes and they had some cinnamon donut hole that were like cinnamon rolls. And they were kind of like made like donut holes and they were kind of good. So anyways, I got a handful of packages of those. And what I did is I went in and dropped them off at a couple of people’s homes that I do know. And they just sent a text message and I said, hey, I was just trying to be neighborly, not drop you off that I did drive by and I gave Shep some. So we gave some to Shepherd. And we have a friend that has a place in the

neighborhood as well that with their parents. So I stopped in and was just trying to be nice and drop from an officer like who are you? And I’m like, well, I know this person. And they’re like, really? And like, how? And then she happened to be there. She was just in at the house randomly. Yeah. So it was just really weird and random. But those are the types of things that you can do. And then they were very thankful and she’s like, hey, can I bring some of this up to your place? I want to burn some of this stuff. And I’m like, you’re fine. Yes, you can add to our pile, but it can’t be this and it can’t be that. And like, yes, you can bring that up. Yeah, people and people have been telling me what I can do and what I can’t do. Oh, yes, this.

4. Are you comfortable striking up conversation with strangers?

I mean, I have no problem with that. You have no problem with that. You really have no problem with that.
And again, when you talk to people as I think you have to go in with a mindset, you’re not trying to sell somebody that we genuinely, genuinely want to. Get to know them, the more people you know, the more well-rounded I think you become and you hear so many different perspectives and ideas and and things from different people that I mean, I love it. I mean, there’s there are days where you’re like, I don’t want to talk to anybody. Right. I get that. But, you know, for example, yesterday I think I met four new people yesterday just going checking out of my hotel, driving to the airport, in the airport, on the plane, so forth. So, I mean, it’s pretty incredible if you just be nice and talk to people and you’re learning. So look at it as a learning opportunity and you’ll get a vibe. I mean, I think you can get if somebody wants to engage in conversation or not and if they don’t, don’t keep pushing. But if they do, then pick their brain and ask questions because you learn a lot from other people.

And so I have two points to add to that. So thanks for bringing those up. I, I do have another word that I’m going to work on with everybody. And I’m trying to work on not talking to people.
I’m trying to talk with people.

Ok, so that was not it, that was not I just think it sounds much, much better. I went to write with hand. When you talk to people, you can see that it insinuates that you are telling them and you’re like authoritative and going over it. Right? I do it. And you do. I’d like to talk with people. Yes. And I think that comes across much, much better. So if you kind of throw that one in your vernacular, I think you’ll have even more success to talk with people, not to them, right? Yep. And then the other point there is be willing to give when you’re doing it, but like do it because you truly want to sow a story on that. One was I had one of our neighbors come up and I was talking to him and I said, you know, I drove by your place the other day and I see you. He was a little bit older, like he was kind of like a lot older. And I saw you had some different things. And there was one spot out front where you have a tree that’s a little dead and you kind of have some poison ivy growing up around it, which I love. I love poison ivy. Any chance I get to interact with it, with it? So I did talk about that. I said, you’re dead tree out front, sir.

Do you like I would have no problem helping you out with that. And he’s like, really? And it’s like, yeah, like we could totally do that and take it out. And we have a bunch of different stunts up here that I’m going to be grinding out. So I’m going to rent the dump grinder for for a weekend. I’d come over and I can coordinate that. I could take care of your tree first and get rid of that for you. It’s not a big deal with a chainsaw and I can totally handle that. And my wife would like to help. And then afterwards I’d be able to grind the stump out. And he was just kind of like floored that I would offer to come over and help him. He’s like because I got a quote and it was going to cost and we said numbers. Right. And he’s like, that was going to cost me seven hundred dollars. And I was like, I was like, wow, it wasn’t in danger and it won that huge. And I was like, Yeah, no, I’ve no problem doing something minor like that. You can count on me in those different cases. Now it’s just being neighborly and being nice. Yeah.

5. Would you prefer to be out networking rather than trying to figure out how to improve your website or working on a spreadsheet?  

Yes. Because we are able to be out and network and not have to worry about these things. These things take up a lot of time, a lot of time. And you should be out there networking. Networking is probably our favorite thing because we like to bring people together and, you know, just host people and have a good time and meeting people.

So, yes, yes, yes, yes. Certainly I would agree.
You have to have that personality.

6. Are you comfortable with an unpredictable environment and your schedule, your weekend, your days, your nights, your evenings could be at the mercy of somebody else?

You have to be. You have to be. But you know what? If you work correctly and you balance your time, you can. And I think you have to learn this and it takes time to do it. But you can fit your lifestyle in with your work. Sometimes it takes over. And there’s days where we have a whole day of just back to back to back appointments. But then if you have Monday and I think I’ve kind of told all of you guys this, then if you have a Monday where it’s kind of like, OK, I don’t have a lot of appointments, then get some things done and then you’re making this this work for you and and fit your lifestyle.

So now you don’t have to miss things. You can often work through it often. I can’t say always, but most of the time you can.

And I look back and I don’t remember many times at all that we missed any of the kids games. I don’t remember many times when you didn’t volunteer to go whatever it was with the kids. And so you can do it is the short answer. You might have to ask an additional question. And when you’re talking with a client, you might have to say something like, hey, I do have this in B B, be clear with them. And can we also do this? Is there a way that I can accomplish this and this could just open?

But I will give you some advice. People don’t care about your personal life. They don’t. Even if it’s your best friend, when they have a need to see a home or do something real estate related, they don’t care. They go into like it’s about me and it should be. So don’t tell people that I have.

I’ve heard this from make it correct. Correct. I have this for my son. And I can’t meet you at this time. Although you think people are sympathetic to that. You should say that time. I unfortunately do not have available, but I have this time and propose a new time. So be careful about what you’re saying, because like I said, I’ve heard from sellers like this. This person is too busy and I’ve got listings because of it. This lady’s too busy. She went on vacation. She’s, you know, volunteers at her kid’s school, which is great. And I love that. But I need somebody there for me. So be careful not to give people too much personal information, make it professional and treat it like that your work schedule and and handle it that way.

All right. Are you a bottom line person who can focus on technology, strategy or ideas to get better results in your business over a period of time? And so that might be where I focus a little bit and it’s really crazy. Casano will come to me and give me a challenge that she currently has right on a file and then so be done.

I come down with a challenge and then.

So that’s kind of where I’ve evolved, is I work on things kind of for the future to be able to to to allow for growth. And what I have to tell her is like, hey, yes, I can work on that. But what I can’t do is I often can’t change it for today. Realizing that you have a current challenge down, have to say, like, hey, I understand the challenge and we can’t solve that for today’s client.

What I can do is I can work on it for the future to hopefully eliminate that problem from going on again so you can identify it and stop it from happening and stop it from becoming systemic. Then sometimes you have to prioritize and you have to say, is this more important than that? Because all. You have to start to make choices on what to go after, so which one happens more, which one causes more of a problem, which one’s worth more, right, so that you can make those things work to divide your day up just a little bit. You can’t do everything, but you do have to have initiatives. And that’s kind of our word that we used to walk through and and to be able to get those things taken care of over time.

7.  Do you have a learning mindset and you want to keep improving?

Yes, it’s super important, right, all the time we’re looking things up, we’re trying to get better. You’re pushing yourself. I mean, we’re not licensed in the state of Montana, and I think that actually helps us here.

I really, really do, because every time we get pushed, I think it better results us feel like starting over from day one.

No, but you have to realize that, like, you learn new things and different things. Yes. Yes. So learning I started learning so pretty. Are you involved with your community in different ways? And so they talk about some different ways that you could be involved that gets you to meet new people and walk through things in different ways. We always would coach our children’s teams when we were when they were younger. And it was really weird. So personal personally, Dorion, that. No. Yes. I guess my overcoached know what personal story is. We would walk through it and we would coach. And then I would always pick new kids for the teams each season for the most part. And in doing so, what we got is 10, 12, 15 new people that we knew we were kind of in a position of authority or myself coaching the team as a head coach. But then they gain your trust. They’re like, oh, we did a good job on this. You did a good job with that. I trust them. I like them. And it always seemed that every single time that I coached a season that I would get a new client out of it. And I didn’t do it for that specific reason. But you realized that over time.

So I would then coach for all three boys and then I would coach every single sport and each of the different seasons. So you can imagine that that’s building in if you have three kids, is building in three deals that you’re going to close if you do a good job and consistent I mean, very, very consistency friends that we have today because of it. Yeah, no, absolutely. It’s really good. And then your income expectations for the first year. Right. That kind of goes to do have some real money to get by. Now, it’s not zero. You can do fine. We’re not going to go over the exact numbers that our agents make with us to start with, but they’re pretty darn good. Starting agent does well in ramps up rather rather well. So I’m super proud of that. How they do or they Dallas compared to other now or you or you just like you’re gone. Right. So there’s nothing we can do to guarantee success. No, we can’t. It really come from within you to make sure that you are doing what is absolutely necessary for yourself, training wheels, and then you got to let it go right now, but ultimately comes from within.

And those are each things that you kind of have to do and it kind of is with it. Yeah. So that’s going to conclude that we went way, way over today. But I think these are important topics and things that you kind of need to think through.

And if even if you’ve been in the business for a while, go back and remind yourself of these things. It’s always good to go back and remember where you came from and sometimes reset.

That you did this today, very, very good, so we’ll go ahead and we’ll move to the end and we’ll get out of here. Thank you guys very much.

So in summary, we went over quite a few things today and there is a lot of learning that went on and I do have a couple of notes that we might want to hit on for later. So if we could, maybe I’ll remind Omkar that tomorrow. One of the topics I want to talk about is notary’s and where you can get things notarized. When we were notaris, that was crazy, right? So one of the topics is the pool that we are notary’s and we had our book and our stamp and. Yeah, and that causes just like legal liability. And it’s really a thing notarised anything for us. But we were notarised. Yeah, we’re notary’s. Right. So we’ll talk about where your clients can get things notarized tomorrow. So we write that down as a topic. And maybe what we also need to do is break down Stacie’s into her her learning topic and then her update. So we kind of have them as to like that. And she does a good job, expand a little bit on what Stacy did. And then we’ll probably take this new agent thing on what it takes to succeed as an agent and put that as part of our onboarding. Yeah, because I think that that’s probably important section that we’re able to talk about probably prior to onboarding where somebody comes on, they need to understand.

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