Do someone a Solid

Today’s real estate word of the day is to do somebody a solid. This words brought to us by Rachel Wester so is going to go ahead and read the definition and then we’ll briefly discuss it.

Ok, do someone a solid a favor or an act of kindness often done for a friend or a work associate to get them out of a sticky situation, often uncomfortable, awkward or at the last minute, but a true act of friendship.

Very good. OK. So to do someone a solid is maybe to I don’t know if you think back and like when you were younger, maybe it would go be to go talk to the other girl so your body could talk to the girl that you wanted to really talk to to go show when you’re showing a home to take the annoying uncle away from the husband and wife so that the agent could show that property right to go do an open house for somebody so that the agent could show the multimillion dollar home right to in the rain, go put out the open house signs for your wife so that she can stay inside the open house and have no visitors because it’s raining like the signs.

All right. But that would be an example of it. Right. So I’m sure all of you guys have done those type of things for your friend or for your colleague or somebody else. But Rachel is kind enough to bring that one up and to do somebody a solid.

Yes. All right, Rachel, appreciate it. And your fellow agents also appreciate it. Yes. When that does happen, you

Guys are doing each other solids from time to time. Yeah, it’s one of my favorite words whenever I use it. And it’s like, why are you using that word? I just I like it. I don’t know. Maybe it was where I grew up the time I grew up, but maybe it was a thing. So I didn’t know if that’s a word that uses an agent like.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 7.29.21

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