Divorce situations

Divorce situations, it’s not good. We are very sad that anyone has to ever go through that. But if you are selling a home, there are some things that you need to know about. If you’re a listing agent out there and you’re going to be listing a home and there is a divorce going on, maybe you were named like it happens to you from time to time that you’re actually named in the divorce to be the person that helps out and goes through this.

You know, it’s really a hats off to anyone that is named that or that is recommended to this because they believe that you’re a fair person, that you’re going to represent both sides equally and you’re going to do what’s in their best interest and you’re going to be the calm person through the storm here that goes on.

And there is a little bit more of a storm. So you have to be prepared for that. And the most important thing when you’re doing that is you need to understand. What it says in the divorce, so you need to get a copy of that divorce decree and any amendments that may came.

After the divorce was final, if there’s been any updates or any amendments, like I said, so one, you need to confirm all owners of the home. So that’s super important you. You know, we had one recently where the wife is the only person listed.

So when you go into into tax records and you see it’s only one person, don’t stop there and just assume that, well, it’s all been taken care of. The husband’s been taken off. That’s not the case. The wife could have solely put that in her name and been the responsible party only for financing. And the husband only signed it closing so he would only sign the deed of trust. So you have to dig for the deed of trust.

OK, you know, that’s kind of beyond our our our scope as a realtor. So what you would do in that case is if, you know, you have a divorce situation, pull that title, work ahead of time. So get with your title company, pull the title, work ahead of time, make sure that you you know, everything that’s going on.

Also, you could have extra links that have been filed against the property. So there’s a lot of things that go on in a divorce situation. They’re getting divorced for a reason. So now we need to uncover and make sure, you know, we know exactly what’s going on, especially if you’re in the middle. So gather all your facts.

Right. All right. So I have a question as we go through this, Sean, I’ll let you kind of grab your next item and discuss here. But I’m going to have a quick poll for everybody just to bring us back to reality on the divorce situations and realize that it is difficult. So and it’s sticky and there’s a lot to it. So as a real estate agent, here’s the question to you. And Omkara will put this poll in.

It’s a would you rather right now, would you rather one represent a divorced couple in a sticky situation that’s option one, represent divorce or. No, to have a client that will only fax you every single document and uses the old school fax paper where it comes over and you as the agent have to deal with this client and you can only fax them.

So those are your two choices and my choice. It’s easy divorce situation or fax it, faxing client battleship and get it in right now.

Although if you think about this, this is really no different than any other listing that you’re taking on. It’s really not. You should be doing the same things. How do you know who all the rightful owners of a property. Who are who they are?

Well, you got to dig deep, you have to ask questions and you have to, you know, make sure that you find this information out. Right. So, you know, it’s really no different. So I would choose that all day long over a fact. We don’t even have where we can go get it.

All right. Well, great question. And maybe a future TNT topic. If you have a client that wants to fax you, our fax number is actually on our Web site down at the bottom. It comes in  his email and it goes to both Stacey and myself. We get a lot of spam faxes.

We get get hard and we still got faxes. Yes, it is definitely a pain in the neck if you do need to send a fax. We do have a fax line and we can send that out for you. Totally separate topic. And we’ll actually cover that tomorrow. So get excited for faxes. Yes.

A couple other things on the divorce situation is you want to make sure that you are discussing all the terms of your listing up front with both husband and wife, actually with all rightful owners. So you see the correlation. It really this is kind of going back to basics on what we should do with all of our listings so we don’t have an issue down the road after you’ve invested in this client.

So you want to make sure who all the rightful owners are. You want to ask them, hey, can we see your prior closing statement? That gives me a lot of information. And if you can ever get that, that’s really a valuable document to have. So I would I would recommend asking for that for sure.

Yeah, well, our research is back and it does appear that divorce clients are very difficult to work with and people do not want to do that. They would much rather have a client that faxes them to and from in only communicates in that way. So, yeah, there you go. Fax is the winner. Divorce is not good enough job to go in and care.

No, they do care, but apparently it’s a lot of stress.

It is what it was to stress and conflict. Everything starts off good and then it can fall apart. So communication is key. Make sure that both parties will fair.

Make sure that both parties are in the loop and you’re not having a sidebar conversation with one and not the other because that’s where you get in trouble. So, yes, it is. All righty. Go ahead, Shana. We’re going to go to work.

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