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Divide your desktop screen to improve efficiency. All right, you can divide your desktop screen and share that and have some greater efficiency, so we’re going to show that off to your real quick. So Omkar, let’s go over here and take a look and see what we’ve got going on here.

If we can show the second monitor and then I’m going to kind of take control over this here and show you that right now on my screen, what we have is one screen open, right? So I’m going to pull up now a second screen. So what we’re going to do is hover over the little box in the corner.

And when you do that, what you’re going to do is have some options as far as what you want to put up here and where you want it to go and how you want to divide this current screen. So in this particular case, what I’m going to do is put it in half. So I now have this over here on this half of the screen, and then I’ll have a second choice as to what I want to pull up on the screen.

So if I select over here, then what I’ll have are the items side by side. A common application for this might be something like if I wanted to pull up a spreadsheet and copy information from one spreadsheet to another and go back and forth.

Or maybe I wanted to lay something out, right? So I wanted to go into the design pickle queue and take a look at what’s going on over here.

And maybe I want to type an email at the same time and I could go ahead and do that and type back and forth and see what’s going on.

So what this does is gives us the option to go ahead and divide our screen. If you want, you can divide the screen differently and there’s many different options here. What I’m trying to do is just show you what the options are to have one bigger, one smaller, to move them all around, to change the size, to have three to four, whatever you want, right in different arrangements, if that helps you out, just a little bit.

So that’s what we got for you today, Omkar. I think we’re good and done with that topic. I hope it helps you guys.

Divide Your Desktop Screen To Improve Efficiency

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