Delay Sending Messages – How do you realtor? I said, how would you like to know how to delay send messages and how to use that specifically for realtors? Well, there’s a way for emails and for text messages to be delayed sent. Let’s talk about when that would help you. OK, let’s talk about the applications in which you can do it through and maybe give you a couple of examples.

So we’ll start all that right about now. My name’s Mike Acquisto and I’m here to help you out with just a little bit of tech for your realtor. So let’s think through this year. So an example of this would be I had a meeting and I wanted to send something for the next day. You know, there’s often a good time to follow up, and it’s probably right away.

But maybe the client said, I’m going to get you something tomorrow or can you check back in with me for this or can you do that? Those items weigh on my mind just a little bit as I have all these other things to do, and especially the person that says, hey, can you reach out to me tomorrow at 10:00 and we’ll discuss this or whatever that is? Right.

So what I like to do is the simplest ways you can go back to your computer right away and from your desktop. Or from a Web browser, you can delay, send a message through an email directly to that client at the predetermined time. So if you want it to be tomorrow at 10:00, that’s the time that selected, then just go right in there. Scrolling delay send.

You’re not sure exactly how to do it? I can’t do all the tutorials right this moment, I didn’t prep for that, but you certainly can look and there’s a help in the upper right hand corner and I’ll show you exactly how to delay. And I’ve also done previous recordings on the same exact topic, but they are important to remember. OK, so use that delay, send feature to keep in touch with people when you should.

Maybe there’s a client out there that you meet with on a Monday or Tuesday of the week and they say, well, when the weekend comes around, we’ll do this. Right? So it’s important to reach out to him just before. But you want to have this, like, personalized message go out as an Android owner? Yeah, I’m not an android.

So what you’ll end up doing is you’re able to delay, send a text message, and that’s a pretty cool feature so you can pick a time in the future. I think it’s any time, five minutes past what you currently are up to 30 days out can delay, send a message. So it’ll already be kind of set and it’s like in holding and then it’ll go out at the exact pre redescribe time.

I’m a big fan of when I send a message out to reconnect with somebody that I also send him some maybe like a picture or something interesting that reminded them of what we were doing. All right. So maybe it’s a picture I took at the property that I showed the person. Maybe it’s just like a picture of me pointing at them for some reason. I have no idea why I point so often, but I do. And I take advantage of it by using that same type picture all the time, I guess is kind of my signature move.

See previous episode on by representation and getting your client to actually put their signature. I have a signature photo. Do you have a signature on your bio representation agreement? Give me time to reflect on that one again as well, right? So include the picture. Just send it out, delay, send it, make sure that you reconnect, there’s going to be a lot of things in your plate.

You’re busy. The license, a great feature. Check it out today. I encourage you to send at least one delayed send message today. And if you’re watching, I challenge you to send me a delay, send a message to show up in my personal inbox tomorrow at 7:01 a.m. So that’s the challenge. Send me a message and say, hey, I was watching TNT and here’s your message.

At 7:01, I expect my inbox to be like boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. All with just a simple message. Maybe even send me a picture of you pointing back at me. I don’t know. We’ll see where it goes from there. Let’s check the comments and see what we got here. Hmm. That’s the. Shana Acquisto, luxury real estate broker, chats in and says, hey, I like it when you point. All right. Thanks, Shana. Appreciate that. All righty. That’s going to be good for right now.

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Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 5.5.21

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