Hey, I’m Mike, hey, that’s good to know. Nice to meet you. And we’re going to talk about public insurance adjusters, most specifically our main man, David Hastings. He’s one heck of a man and he’s also a really good public insurance adjuster. Nice guy. Very nice. And you want to tell us a little bit about why we would need a public insurance adjuster?

Well, there are there is a little confusion on well, my insurance company is sending out an insurance adjuster. That’s OK. He is David Hastings is an example of a public insurance adjuster.

And it’s OK. You can have him come along and he’s on your side.

The insurance adjuster that your insurance sends out is on the insurance company’s side.

So when you have David come out, he’s going to make sure that everything that should be covered gets covered. And a lot of times, the insurance company’s one example that we talk about is when you get your gutters, when you have a hail damage, hail cleaned up and they’ll replace your roof, but not your gutters. Right. Or they’ll replace your roof and they won’t.

There’s a drip edge that goes along the roof line and sometimes they say, no, we’re not gonna cover that. We’re only covering the majors. So it’s really good to have him. He can save you.  

A lot of money and get you even more money to do all of the repairs, you don’t want to kind of short, you know.

Not complete the repair properly, because then when you got to sell, you see that it could be an issue, right?

Yeah, ultimately the insurance company. Their job is to make you whole right to get you back to where you were. However, they see it as slightly different than you would potentially see it yourself. And they ultimately are out to make a profit. Right. So they minimize how much they pay out to you, then they’re going to be in a better situation.

David’s on your side. He’s going to have a cost associated with them.

And as do all public insurance adjusters that represent you, it’s going to be very similar to like if you hire an attorney to represent you, except he has experience within the insurance industry to be able to do that. He collects it normally at the end, when everything finalizes, he’ll get a percentage of the claim that he collects. Now, normally, that type of claim, you’ll have a much larger claim because you do utilize somebody like this and you have a net benefit and you get more money.

Another example that kind of comes along with this is if you ever get into a car wreck and I know we’re not involved in this type of thing, but how this would work is if you did get into a car wreck, what’s going to happen is you had your you know, that the insurance company is going to go and repair your bumper and repair all the stuff and get your car back to normal.

But where you’re not going to be made whole is on the price of the car and the value of it. So what that is, if you looked at Kelley Blue book value with a car with the same exact make model and all those things with zero accidents on it, it would have one value. And then if you go ahead and look up that same vehicle again and it has one accident with it, with the exact same one, there’s going to be a price difference between what the car was worth before the accident and what it’s worth afterwards.

And that’s a common item that they leave out. They’ll make your car whole and they’ll do all these repairs to it. But then you’re left holding the bag on the decreased value of that vehicle. That’s just one example there. And that’s something that you’d want to fight for on your own. Now, when you have a home, there’s going to be tons of these same types of examples. But that was just one clear one that we could kind of all walk through and and kind of understand.

So we have David Hastings and he’s in our client resource book. You guys are familiar with that? You should be.

And we can get you the link.

It is on our website and our client resources that you can share that with your clients, especially in this time where we’ve had storm issues and claims, you know, everyone’s looking for a plumber or someone to come out and help them. So please utilize that resource. But can you please share it with others? Very good. I think that kind of covered.

There might be another one in our Wikipedia. So if you need more detailed information on this, check Wikipedia, look up public insurance adjuster, maybe you can type in David Hastings because he’s someone that we know I can trust. And you’ll probably see that. Thank you, guys.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 3.2.21

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