Darling Homes is now Traditions

Darling Homes is now traditions, so I want to take some time today and talk about some new construction topics that I have heard of recently, because I know you guys, we live in an area that we have a lot of new construction. So I think these things are pretty relevant. And whenever I hear about them, I want to pass them along. So today I’ve got several people. So we want to show you who have been around for a while. And even if you have, I think, people a name that you would recognize as darling homes, they’ve always been a really high end production builder and they are now. Traditions, homes, I will admit that I I sometimes am a little skeptical of why people. Change their name when you have such a recognizable name out there as Darling Holmes, why would you change it? But I don’t know the answer to that. But they have changed. So, you know, if you guys have any experience with traditions, let me know, because, you know, I think it would be good to hear if they have the same quality, if they’re still very high end or kind of, you know, why they change their name and kind of whom they are now.

So if you have any information on that, I’d love to hear.

So I heard a couple of things not I have no idea if this is actually true and correct. So, like, I don’t know why I’m saying anything. This is totally not my game. But I heard that Darling Homes had sold a while ago to return to traditional homes. So there’s probably a period of time where they kept the name the same. And the Darlings were no longer like owners of the company, but they were using the name. Yeah.  

And then since has been around for a while too. It just I don’t know if anybody made that connection that they used to be darling.

So anyway, so just take took a period of time I would say for that transition. But like I don’t know, I have no firsthand knowledge. We haven’t been out shopping. I have no idea why I’m saying all these things when I actually don’t even know anything. So I didn’t know if you know anything more about darling homes.

So on that topic, you know, I had talked before about Taylor Morrison, and I think it was when you were out of town that we had a situation. It wasn’t anybody in our office, but another agent that I know well or a broker I know well, had an issue with Taylor Morrison and we’ve had them here on TNT, actually. So I’d love to to contact them and get more information because I don’t like this. But Taylor Morrison is also a part of Darling, and they are the ones that, you know, we had somebody who are this agent had gone in with a client who currently had a Taylor Morrison home and she wanted another Taylor Morrison home. So this agent’s going to sell her home and she’s going to build a new one. When she went in, Taylor Morrison said, oh, you’re already in the system. So the there’s no commission to the agent. And the agent said, what? And she said, yeah, because, you know, sorry that you’re not the procuring cause. And it went all the way up to corporate and they still denied it, so. I you know, this is what I have heard from another broker and, you know, I don’t like hearing that. That’s very unfortunate because I if I were on the other side, I would never mess with the realtor community. Probably not a wise idea, because at some point this market’s going to shift and it’s not always going to be, you know, like it is.

So tell Morrison believed that on the next contract they were there procuring cause because they liked the product and not because the realtor brought him back in saying, I need another one. I was a realtor present and everything else. 

And the realtor still was contract.

The client told the realtor that they weren’t going to be paid and she was like, you know, what do you want to do? You know, that puts us in an awkward situation when you’re there in front of your client.

But, yeah, wow, that is definitely different. Not a topic I was necessarily know.

And then we talked about that when you were gone. And I just wanted to remind people that that they’re also part of darling. So maybe they’re changing how they do business. I don’t know if you have any information. I’d love to hear about it.

I didn’t know if you would still like to be paid as a realtor. Your normal your. Well, there’s no typical commission and I’d be taking commissions. So like. Yes, Chaton, if you’d like to be paid. Right. Who doesn’t give us a thumbs up. Yeah. If you think that realtors are awesome and definitely necessary.

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