Dare to dream, right? Look at new homes. But we’re covering we love wildly different angles, especially right now. Yes. So what I’m going to note up front is to to pay attention here and understand there’s can be another topic behind it and they’re going to work together. But we’re going to first cover this first one here today and then be ready for tomorrow when we tie it together with house and idea boards there. OK, so now let’s talk about the current topic of daring to dream. So what it does when you look at something new, something that you don’t have, something that you aspire to have.

Yeah, it’s exciting. It’s motivating. It changes your perspective on things.

It’s not meant to be like I’ll never have, you know, this is a glass half empty. And I’ll tell you, yes, half empty or half full, how you look at it, correct, and so we would love you to look at it from a glass half full.

Absolutely. And look at the future being positive in your personal development. Right. So what we’re encouraging you to do is go on and take a look at some different homes. And that’s going to do a ton of different items for you, right? It’s going to show you new trends and keep it top of mind and meet new people and have you forming new relationships that you can go ahead and do this and type in your data bank and put them there.

So whether it’s a builder, whether it’s somebody you run into, you start collecting these things and you start documenting them so you can do something with it. Oh, I like this. That’s a really cool fosset click and I have it. OK, cool. So now you have this. Yeah. What do I do with it. That’s one point. And now so you’ve done this. You collect things and you dream. Yeah. And then you can have better discussions. Would you like to sell affordable homes or would you like to sell super premium properties.

Would you like to sell new and trendy ones that people like that give you good opportunities for photos for yourself? Right. So think about that. So dare to dream, but dare to dream a catalog. So it doesn’t necessarily mean that it could be a selfie of you in front of something and like thinking about this today. Sure.

Dare to Dream

Well, you can if you’re cataloging these and you put them in a nice place, then you have future posts for social media. Really good.

Very good point. Shana site, no social media post time. And you’re doing a couple of things together, right? I like that. OK, so pictures of you at those places. What it is, is we’re trying to give you ideas to do consider and to document. So take pictures of things you like, whether it’s up close. Right. So you have that. Maybe you do it for yourself and share a piece of you.

So Shana and I are going through the process right now personally of documenting and putting that together because we’re looking we’re putting together a new home. Right. So we’re putting together all of those items. So we’re kind of sharing a piece of some of the things we’re doing as we’re dreaming. So there’s like the list of need to have want to have would be nice if or definitely we don’t we don’t want I don’t want to eliminate that.

I can’t have and it’s fun. So there’s four columns. Yeah. There’s four columns in that spreadsheet. It’s a spreadsheet, believe it or not. And then but the pictures when you’re dreaming. Those are pictures that you want. It’s like, wow, that would be so nice if.

And you take that picture, but now you have so much you can do with it. Right. And so get it from different areas. So whether you’re in a different city, maybe you’re traveling, you can document that that’s fun and compare what it looks like. Maybe they’re sorted later into styles from different markets that you’ve seen and you share out. What would people want to see and how would they want it categorized and catalogued so it would be easy for them to do.

And so I’m going to introduce you to House and what we can kind of do there and share some of those things. But first, we have to collect the information, right. First, we have to find styles that speak to you, styles that you want to sell, that you know, that you learn. If you’re not on top of these things, then you’re not adding the correct value. And so this is like market research for you. But you can be dreaming for you, sure, and then you share a piece of it. So we put this whole idea board together of things that matter to us.

And we. Documentum, would you wouldn’t you don’t even know if it interests strictly for real estate. So a lot of people do this in Pinterest. Oh, really? You can do that in Pinterest.

Different room ideas and things. Yeah, but this is specifically, you know, real estate related.

Ok, so I was saving I was talking on this from a house perspective was my thinking. And then like tomorrow I want to go through like, hey, how do I take this, all these different items and take pictures and catalog and like selfies of me in front of and like all of that.

And how do I like that? How do I get it out to other people in a format? And how do I find another face when you have that?

If you ever buy it, you can share and say hey and you can share with them and encourage them to do the same things. Very interesting says that her builder runs when he or she breaks out her Pinterest board. But, you know, I’ve heard a lot of builders say, you know, and designers go ahead and put yourself together an idea or because that, you know, shows them what you’re all about to make.

So good stuff. We’re going into it tomorrow. Yes, ma’am. Are you going to hit the balance and conclude that topic?

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