Oh, you guys are getting to see him on screen as well. And what we are trying to do here is to talk through, introduce you to different people and talk about different cultures. So yesterday Omkar was sharing some information with me and he says, hey, this is what’s going on. And he sent me a detail and he sent me a video and so I could understand. So Omkar, want to see if you can talk a little bit about who you are, where you’re from, where you live and some of your religious things. So we can kind of understand that we can share it. And as agents, we can learn a little bit more and be understanding.  

So, Mike, thank you so much for having me. Hello, everyone. My name is Omkar, coming in today and I am radio producer and mostly a traveller, as I say in my blogs.

I’m so glad that I have a blog on YouTube. So what I do is I like to experience all the cultural stuff and I like everything. I like to experience various cultures and interact with all people. So what happened yesterday is that I shared a video with Mike. It was about a festival that is going on over year in India. It’s going over, I think. And what we do is basically in this period of time, according to the mythology, we worship a goddess. So what exactly does is that mythological story is during this period of time that was chaos and chaos in the world.

And Goddess Bluegum was called by all the sages and was asked to help then of this chaos caused by all the demons in the world. And it took her nine days and nights to kill all them. And so it was like a huge war and something like that.

But what exactly is the solution of that is? It’s because like now this going into. So large influx, what exactly that means is we are going far away from the sun and it causes like some kind like that is like chemical changes, like everything changes in the speed.

So during this period, what people do like, according to my knowledge of what people do, is they pray, they worship God and they pray for it for seeing protection in this period of time in order to complete that so that influx and get back safely to their people. So, yeah, this this is what exactly it is.

I know it’s a bit short and that is a lot of background to it. But yeah, because we have faith that this is what I could say to you,

So so we have a couple of questions that. OK. Yeah. All right, so it has to do with the distance from the sun and the fact that there’s like it’s a little more difficult, a little more evil, some of those things and so does the proximity. The sun has something to do. Tell me about this.

So according like the arrangement of Earth, like the orbital arrangement of but what happens is in this for months, like October, November, December and January, we would be experiencing winter season throughout the world because what happens is the distance from the sun gets on increasing during these four months as it passes away from the sun. And it is scientifically known that solar influx. So in the spirit, what happens is the artist reacts with its associated with the sun and it reacts to it in a certain way and it causes an effect on the human beings as well. So because of that, it is believed if we pray and engage in these religious activities, as far as the religion goes, it helps us to stay motivated, stay focused, and that all the energies and be things, you know, I do kind of like that because I do find it’s easier to concentrate.

It’s I tend to be a little happier when it’s when the weather’s nice when it’s colder. I do feel more distant. The days shorter. I don’t get as much done. People gain more whiteness in the winter than they do in the summer. They tend to there are a lot of things like that. So I definitely understand where it’s coming from right now.

Are you saying that this is a period of nine days? Did I hear that for the festival yet?

Ok, so it’s a period of nine days and it’s basically to be able to get you through those months of, you know, it wouldn’t be too much different than right before last hibernation. No, no, no. Right before Alat. There’s a 40 day timeframe where you’re right and in different religions. So there they have Fat Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. That goes into 40 days of this. But this is nine months or this is for four months, not 40 days. So they get nine days to celebrate, not just Mardi Gras and Fat Tuesday. Yeah. So, yes, well, he has a video he wants to play and then we talk about a couple other things, so let’s play our video producer.

You know, and we were talking earlier with Omkar about where we live, we do have a lot of different cultures here. Right.

And I think it’s easy to I mean, there’s a there’s a big gap between one to the other.

So understanding and and what other cultures experience or what their beliefs are or traditions, I think is so important for all of us.  

And we all need to be accepting of one another. And sometimes, you know, bridging I think bridging that gap would be really, really helpful. So I love that he shared this and I would love to have this more like this.

This is really, really good. And then you get to know Omkar as well. He’s an amazing, an amazing, amazing person. And it is an honor to get to work with them pretty much every single day he puts up with us as. Wow. Yes, but you know, the parallels between it when you really look at it, I think are really good between like Fat Tuesday, between this festival in between what’s going on and then and then, like, going away. Yeah, it all kind of makes sense, but you just have to see it from that light and then the colors that seem to go on here. I really, really

like the the use of colors that that your culture seems to use. It would be really similar. Remember, we were in Paris and we were walking through an event was at Carnival. Yes. Yes. And they had all these beautiful colors that they were doing and they were festival of colors, of the festival colors. I don’t know. I really think so. I need to look into that a little bit more. But there is colors everywhere and stuff. And they were like, I can’t even remember exactly what it was, but there were so many vibrant colors. And that’s what this kind of reminded me of a little bit in that same regard.

Now, I would have one more question on, because sometimes we tend to work seven days a week and, you know, showing all the time and sometimes we’ll have different cultures. So on cars is Hindu.

And sometimes there’s there’s days where, you know certain clients will say, I can’t do anything for these days or I can only do things after this period of time or this time of day.

And is there anything related to this festival or this? I don’t know if you call it a holiday or or what you.

Yeah. That we should be aware of that we should be aware that we shouldn’t infringe on because it’s important. Yes.

So mostly what happens in this period of time is like there is a group of like people who do fasting these days like us for the entire period of of nine days. And as far as I know, what you heard there is that there won’t be any restrictions on any actions that we do like me or something like doing business or something like that. But what happens is on the day it is considered to be more auspicious according to the culture, to do any deals or something like that, or you get action or, you know, buying a house or something like that.

That was a really good question. And Shawna. So the day after. It you don’t want to do anything, OK?

And this starts when.

So it started like three, four days ago. Today is the fourth day, OK, and more inside is five, six days to go. OK, really good.

So I’m glad we got to talk together. Thank you. And it was very, very good. I appreciate this. I hope to be able to do it more often and maybe out there if we run into somebody else that has different things they want to share with us as well. Maybe if you’re not sure you’re in and you want to share. Come on and join us. And we look forward to having you on again sometime very soon, Omkar. And have a great day, sir. And let’s move on and close this topic by. And I think maybe we go to yeah, let’s actually pause on this when I’m looking at the time. So maybe what we do is we go ahead to the summary or probably told you that I was looking at the time and we were running a little bit over. Some go down to the summary. Perfect. So without further ado, we jump right to the summary. OK, and I really hope you guys enjoyed that. Yeah, that was something pretty good. I hope you do sign up for TNT life, and that would be really nice to be able to say be aware of why people are moving.

I think it’s interesting to know and to listen as to why people are moving and maybe they know other people that you can help and just understanding needs, you know, do the covid I think is important. And that software that we just utilize for Omkar is about the exact same thing that we would set up for you. And as an agent, that would be about your teen to live experience there. And we would broadcast that out to a much, much larger audience, mostly your friends, your sphere, everyone else on your favorite social media platforms.

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