Crazy things clients ask their realtor

Say what? There’s so many questions that are crazy that clients as a realtor.

And in all these years, decades, right, you’ve gotten so many different things that people have asked you, so I’m just going to like kind of put you on the hot seat and say. Tell me some of these crazy things that happen with your clients.

So I think one that’s kind of a little unusual is.

Hey, Shana, would you be free on Thursday? My husband’s out of town and I need to go to an appointment, OK?

Yeah, of course. What’s the appointment? I am doing in vitro, and I need my realtor present. I’m like, wait a minute, like the real like it’s happening like, yes.

So that was that was something that I was asked and I did that was really crazy. So you participated? It was amazing. Yes.

But not as the not as. No, I was the like the husband. You were, like, holding hands. Yeah. That was what I was. And yeah. So that was.

But that you really you enjoyed that. Oh my gosh. So it was a crazy question.

A. Yes. A lot of opportunities come from these what we call crazy things. But and we should write a book. But you know, we do get it.

It’s almost like when you buy a house, maybe you’ve relied on your on your realtor so much and they’ve done such a great job that all of a sudden they don’t feel competent to even handle the smallest of tasks.

So people will call and say, you know, hey, my garbage disposal, it’s just it won’t turn on, OK?

Yeah, and it’s weird, I think you’re totally hitting something that happens is their brain like shuts. All right. Yeah, check in now with some of the weirdest things that I write about.

A real like all of us can write books. It’s really crazy. I know that one of our agents had to go and get the dogs. Hey, could you go pick up my dogs in the house? Because we have a showing and they’re running everywhere and went to pick up the dogs and they run out the door. And I think we’ve all experienced chasing animals out and.

You know, down the street, we had a situation where we had a squirrel like a squirrel got in the house and it was over that.

But yeah, it’s just, you know, when you go through this and then you close, your job is not over. You’ve you’ve developed a relationship with  people. And we’ve had some of our best friends come from being a client of ours. So, you know, you do get a lot of crazy things that happen throughout the transaction. And it’s really, really bizarre. You know, hey, there’s a mouse, what do I do?  

Hey, and it’s just funny that the ability to think kind of closes with when you close on your house, that closes, too. It’s it’s really strange.

And we all, you know, give them the advice and take their call at all hours and and help them out long after the sale.

So the things that they would be asking after the close and we hear it like so often. Right. Are all these different things like how do I set up this and then pick whatever that is, utilities, all these things like we have services that we  do that with. Right. But then, like all of a sudden I had my utilities that, you know, like those bigger utility connection companies. They really saved a lot of questions because it became all of that. Right. And so that’s really kind of minimized those questions over time. But then it’s all types of different things, like how do I cook up, how do I install it? And then they would go through this litany of questions around like, how do I hook up or how do I install or what should I do or how do I turn on recently was could you come over and look at my lights, you know, closed on the house.

And I know that some of the lights were different colors.

Could you come over? And one, could you tell me what color that you use in your house? Sure. And then could you come over and just see that all my lights are the same color? Not so well. I don’t know if that’s there.

Yeah, they’re definitely asking you a question, but people don’t necessarily know the the color of their lights, if it’s cool lights, if it’s one light or whatever, like the Internet actually does a really good job of explaining that. And that’s one of the things that people forget. It’s so easy to text your realtor, call him and ask him that question and get the answer back then for you to go online and just type in like, you know, we know how you used to call it a leave behind, like when you would break up with someone in that person would leave something, you know, so they would have an excuse to come back. Yeah, you did that all the time with me. We never broke up. No, I know. But like, after the first date, you, like, leave something behind, like one Galong lost your business card. I left my business cards. I would always leave a business card and it would just said Michael Acquisto. Oh, I need to be able to get in touch with you anyway. Yeah. What were we talking about? You have my number. So crazy things that clients ass are real right in all of these different items. But what it comes down to is you ultimately using its paycheck to leave behind.

You know, they want a reason to maybe call you back or just, you know.

Or maybe they just kind of lost focus and I think the reason that this happened so if you unpeel why they asked you, how do you do this? How do you do that? How do I connect this? How do I turn this on? Where is this? How do I get a garage door remote? How do I program this? Who should I use for security like all those different questions? Right. And why that really happens is because they became dependent upon you. They were very happy with the service. They truly like they cared about what you did and they started to rely heavily on you. And yet they fell into this cycle of anything to do with the house. It’s an I call you back. Yeah, no, it really should be. And so you’ve done a great job to build that bond. And they think anything house I call.

And that’s kind of what they do. So if you are getting those crazy questions, what I really feel is that you’re a great agent and that’s actually the answer.

You know, something I like to call it is Paulett said years and years ago, Paulett, can you can you use your voice and say it, please?

Come on. Never can, you know, impersonation now.

So Paula would say, well, I could do.

All right, go ahead, girl. Girl, she would start with that.

You need to make sure you know your goal at the end of this transaction should be they that client should feel like they could not have done this without you.

And that’s kind of her thing, and that’s how she’s she’s kind of done her business all these years and, you know, when you’re when you’re putting forth all the effort and doing that and taking their calls and, you know, that is you’re right after the sale, if somebody calls you for the smallest of things, I have a mouse in my house. Could you help me out? Just be honored. You know, I know it gets frustrating if it’s nine o’clock at night and someone’s home, their husband’s out of town and they have a mouse, they don’t know what to do. But you should look at it as, wow, I’m the first person they call. So, you know, this is another side of this that I’ll say. You know, we were at dinner one Friday night a couple of years ago, and I kept getting a call from this client and they called me for everything. And he kept calling and calling. And I was like, why are they calling on a Friday night?

We’re not even I mean, I don’t know. We weren’t even doing a transaction at the time.

And it ended up being the wife and the husband had passed away. And I was the first person that she called. She had to call me. What do I do?  

You know, she was very dependent upon him.

And it was it’s I don’t want to pry, but yeah, I was there when it kept calling. And we’re like, man, it’s like Friday night or Saturday night and we’re out on a date and we’re like, this person keeps calling and we try to disconnect occasionally. And it like the way that the felt like I can’t I got I got to take the call. Right, I, I’m sorry. So I agree and it’s totally good. But so thanks Paulette for some good advice. Yeah. And if anyone else has some amazing Paulette Green stories fit in right now, she’s an inspirational person, right? Yes. I love her. Is she on your Mount Rushmore.

Ok, so Shawna has a Mount Rushmore of business women and specifically realtors. And Paulette’s somebody that you definitely draw inspiration from. I do. So thank you to all that.

But just remember, if you are getting those questions, it’s actually because people can be honored, be flattered. And, you know, if they never called you again, I’d be I’d be upset.

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