Today’s real estate word of the day is craftsmanship. So we’re here with Kante, and what we’re going to do is we’re going to find the word we’re going to use in a sentence and quickly discuss it. So let’s first go ahead now. The fine craftsmanship for us and craftsmanship is that quality of design and work shown in something made by the hand or artistry in building. So that’s the definition there. Maybe we’ll be able to utilize it in a sentence to undo that.

Sure, I think craftsmanship is a process. It’s not something that is going to immediately happen at the beginning, but it’s a process. It’s understanding what the goals are and and the desires are and getting to that end result of the craftsmanship you’re achieving and how you get there.

Wow, I like that. It’s a process. You just drop something on me that I totally didn’t see coming. Right, because I just felt craftsmanship just like happens. But it doesn’t because it’s really an accumulation of knowledge and experience to do that. It’s tremendous. I’m glad we got to discuss that word. Thank you very much. Let’s hit the bell.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 6.29.21

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