Cost of Living

All right, now the cost of living. So we have you know, it might have clients moving here from out of state or clients moving from here to another state. So it’s really good to be able to know how to discuss cost of living and what they might be looking at.

So we ran across this this comparison chart. It’s nerd wallet. Omkar is going to put it in there. It’s in cost of living calculator. And it’s just a tool. I think if anybody asks you this is a good resource that I found that you can go to and kind of gauge the difference.

Yeah. So it’s going to compare one city to another in the whole idea is like, hey, I’m moving from this place to this place. This is how much money I make. And it’s going to compare each of these different items. So if you were to look at it right currently up on the screen is moving from San Francisco to Dallas.

And I’d currently make two hundred fifty thousand dollars a year in San Francisco. To maintain that, we have to make up only one thirty eight in Dallas to have the same standard of living, or it’s 45% percent lower in Dallas.  

Forty five percent, yeah.

San Francisco’s quite an expensive area, probably one of the more expensive ones. Right. And then we can compare and contrast the housing costs and see how much lower that happens to be than other places. Transportation costs, food costs, entertainment, health care, each of these different items. And then compare the schools, right? Yeah. So it’s kind of talking through some different items here as far as that goes.

And and I think this is great. I really like nerd wallet for this calculator because it gives you all those added. You know, things in benefits, but do you guys know of another resource that does this? Because to me, I’ve found that this is the best one out there. So if you guys happen to have found another one that you like better, please chat in and let us know that this is really good.

And, you know, whether you even have a client or not moving or, you know, to or from. This is great to know. I didn’t realize that Dallas was so much less than I mean, I don’t know that anywhere is probably more expensive than San Francisco, California, but this is good information to have.

Yes. You know, I’m going to chat in and ask a question here real quick. So we have a six pack of Heineken is nine dollars and sixty three cents here in Dallas. And a yoga class is eighteen dollars and thirty eight cents. What does that sound about accurate? One yoga class is equal to a 12 pack of beer. OK, half a case of Heineken if we’re kind of thinking about that.

So do you choose the Heineken or yoga.

Yeah. So Chat in now would you rather a 12 pack, a Heineken or one yoga class? It’s your choice. Whoa, there you go. And then you’d be spending thirty six dollars in Dallas.

You can do both, right?

Apparently you’ll have more yoga and more Heineken for both of you guys don’t have to choose. So we’ll come back over here and just have a quick discussion on this topic. But the whole idea is that we have a little comparison between the two different items and you’re able to see which city is a little bit better for you and for your clients to

Have in your tool belt and just, you know, another added value that you would have and a good resource that you can share with your clients. Very good. Well, thank you guys for that. That link is going to be in the description and also be published here on TNT here shortly.

So you’ll see that on Acquisto Real slide on over and under Acquisto TV go down, click on nerd wallet, cost comparison, city comparisons and you’ll be able to have cost of living comparisons. Those are all different tags that this would be under. And if there are some different tools that you like as well, then you can let us know. Just give us those and we’ll link them as well. But this is the one we talked about today, OK?

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