Today’s real estate word of the day is Cornelian, I’m here with a Cornelian, Amy Gasperini, formerly Amy Acquisto. I myself am also a Cornelian Michael Acquisto, real estate broker and co-owner with Acquisto Real Estate. Amy is holding a bell. Hold it up higher because you’re a badass. That’s a company traveling trophy that you’re holding up. Congratulations to you.

So on real estate word of the day, what we do is we define a word, we use it in a sentence, and then we quickly discuss it. So Cornelian in I’m putting you on the spot here. The definition of that is one who is or has attended Cornell University. And an example is Amy Gasperini and Michael Acquisto. So those are examples in the definition of and going ahead and using it in a sentence. Amy, do you have a specific sentence you like? OK, fine. And I’ll give it. It’s up to you. Go ahead. Choose. No, go ahead. All right. So I get to leave there. One of my favorite, Cornelius, is safe, Reza Amet.

Oh, yes, yes, super smart, super nice guy.

Yeah, super good. And so he was my roommate and good friend to this date and we spent a lot of time with him. And he’s just amazing. He’s even like great friends with our kids in a motivator for him. So he’s just a tremendous person. I’m super happy to be able to do it. Some of my other friends are still doing amazingly well. So Zaev calls me up saying, hey, did you know that Greg Martin is in charge of this? And he’s working on like the the space shuttle program and he works there and like, oh, OK.

I didn’t know that. Like, he’s in charge of that. And I know he is. And then some of my other friends there, they have like winery’s that they own. And I bought a bottle of wine and I was like, whoa, it’s owned by these guys. Like, why do their names seem super familiar? And I look at all I totally know that. So it was an amazing run. We totally enjoyed it.

And I actually have a funny story. Well, yeah, when I think of Sieff, one of the first things that I think about because SIRF was agreed between Mike and I. Yeah. So and I remember one of my first lunches on campus, I ran into SIIC when I was with my, you know, my roommates and I was like, oh hey Psyche’s like any what are you doing here. You should be at the library, you should be studying. And I’m like saying it’s like she’s like, oh my God.

I make sure he’s like I’m like, OK, so so he’s always Aditya’s always like, are you still studying. So yes, I hope I did study and yeah I him, I just made sure I was studying. So it’s a real thing.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 6.4.21

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