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Hey, there. My name is Mike Acquisto. I’m here to talk to you about a real estate item. Yeah, it’s real estate and it’s to do with your home alarm system and it’s taking an existing alarm that’s in place and converting it and upgrading it to a wi fi based one with ring with notifications online to get away from kind of like this old, stodgy system to see if this is right for you.

We’re going to utilize the items that are currently in your home and upgrade it. We’re going to talk about the pros, the cons, the prices where you can get it, what company is going to be best for it and all of that right now? So Omkar, let’s go ahead and split the screen and bring over this and we will chat in this link for you as well. So this is the retrofit kit brought to you by Ring, which is an Amazon company.

And what this retrofit kit does is allow you to bring into the back of it all the different wires that go into your current. If you have any existing alarm system at your home, whether it’s monitored or not, all of the contact sensors in the home kind of electronically go through the walls and then it goes back to one specific spot on the wall. If we click on that button over there for three 19 and we see what’s inside this retrofit kit, you’ll kind of get the whole idea of what’s going on.

Ok, so within this retrofit kit, what’s going on is we have a contact sensor and when that contact sensor is broke and it does something that separates, it sends this notification all the way back to this device. Now that’s where we have the wires coming out of our wall and we kind of have this keypad on it when we detach that keypad and take it away and we put this retrofit kit in there.

Now we’re creating a hybrid with this hybrid system. We now have the system that takes in, makes all of the information coming back to it. So it’s hardwired. But then it becomes why fi from there forward? And that’s what I’m really in favor of. So I kind of like this hybrid solution of physical fixed wires going to each of the connections in the place to totally seal it off.

Whether it’s the windows, the doors, any type of contacts that are currently existing, you retrofit it just like this. So now this is where everything kind of comes back to. Ok, so now we have where they used to have this keypad, we have this. But now there’s not a keypad because the keypad didn’t necessarily need to be there. So then we insert the real keypad, which is the this other one that we have or we can use our app or there’s a bunch of different other ways to to utilize this.

Ok. So this, I think, is the best of both worlds where you have a hybrid solution and you’re able to take your wi fi, you’re able to take your alarm system. And there’s the alarm keypad that was kind of talking about the base station makes it wi fi enabled through Eero. And then we have the retrofit kit that allows you to use these hybrid alarms. We have the motion and contact sensors and alarm notifications. If something breaks, if something moves, there’s a lot of different sensors that can be installed if you want.

And then the range extender is simply Eero WiFi system, but it extends the network larger if your home happens to be bigger. So we build all these things together in this kid is supposed to give us cybersecurity for our internet. It’s supposed to give us home fire, carbon monoxide detection, all of these different protections, all in one. So I think the system is kind of ready.

And if I was building a new home, I would strongly consider putting in wired contacts, bring it all the way back and using actually the retrofit kit, even if it’s on a new build to to make this all work and line it up with Eero. And I think you’d have a really good system. So we’re going to talk about that next. Let’s do it.

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Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 02.02.22

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