-Tips on converting a conversation to a meeting-Hello, I’m Mike, I’m Shana, and together. Go ahead, you can say it like we should know it’s not going to do that or bubbles or.

Oh, no, we’re real estate brokers in Frisco, Texas, and we’re going to give you some tips on converting a conversation that you have to a meeting.
So. Right. So these are some different things, that tactics that I have utilized. And I approach real estate in a very different way. So I talk about all types of items. Right.

So I’ll talk about like, I guess more traditional and traditionally random or male things are like fun facts or unique items to discuss. Right. To kind of get to the point of adding knowledge to share what I happen to possess, then I’ll go ahead and ask for whatever that is right for that meeting. And maybe I do it a little different and you do it very differently. Right. So like, what are some ways that you go about things?

Well, I think that, you know, I love meeting new people and just. You’re always in front of someone and you always are talking, so why not try to engage in a way that you can add in your business and what you do and relate it to to them in some way, shape or form? So I that’s what I do. I, I like to have conversations with people.

And I think the easiest question to ask is, hey, do you live around here and do you know this going on? So you kind of tie in where they where do they live and something to spark a conversation that you might have in common or they may or may not know.

And then it’s funny how it just leads to, you know, a bond, a bond in some way, shape or form.

I think at the end of the day, on all of it, what it requires is being a good person and really caring. Yes. So at the at the bottom of it, like I go back to these same principles, all of this is founded in the same thing is do what is right for the other person and truly care about the client.

Yeah. Then everything happens from that. So if I was to say, like, what is the key thing is to establish your personal code as best you can in your personal code is probably really caring for the other person. That’s why the people that we work with are all great people. And what we do is we select amazing individuals and amazing it is. The key thing is to work with great people that that actually care. And then when that happens, you give in and it’s a weird transition to totally give in and do the right thing.

So we speak about that all the time. And that’s establishing your code. One item then. So like now what are the things that happen as well? So then you build your knowledge. So to establish your code and then you have to gain this knowledge. Right. And then you have to give it to them simply in something that they don’t already possess. Right. And that’s why I like that fun fact from over here. And that’s why you like to ask where you live.

And like I mean, yeah, we do it. Same thing in different ways, right. Because none of us want to be that pushy person like, hey, do you know anybody that wants to buy or sell a house or, hey, you know, don’t be that person, just be you.

You know, we say that a lot. Just be yourself and, you know, strike up a conversation. And when people can connect, then they need to know what you do and then they’re going to want to take it a step further.

So some of the tips, the actual actionable item that would be within this to some of the things I do is I would make a connection for them and I would say, how could I help you write? Like, what could I do for you today? We did that. Right. And it’s not necessarily asking for a meeting. Mm hmm. To do that. But it’s what could I possibly give you today? How could I how can I be of assistance to you? And that goes to like a leadership role.

So we talk about servant leadership and how we try to do things like what can I do for you today? Like no job, no obligation. I’m not asking for anything, like what could I do for you? And sometimes it is a connection and introduction. A, I need this fixed at my house. I need a guy for this. Right. There’s all these different things. Sometimes it’s like you’re financing. Sometimes you need like an insurance review, whatever it happens to be. I want to truly help.

But I think you have to be intentional. Right. And people can feel if if you’re not so if you’re if you’re asking and. Yeah. What can I do for you? Because I’ve heard this is an example. We know a friend of ours who is in the home child care business.

So we know that if there’s ever anybody that says, hey, I need child care, we know, hey, I have this this friend and I’m going to put you guys together and make a connection. And they I mean, you know, they value that and you’re doing something nice and then don’t come in and then, you know.

Sabotage. That, I guess. It’ll be nice and just that’s it, that’s it, yeah, so be intentional with that, right.

But it’s it’s about trying to make that initial connection for them and provide some value, but be like, no, look, I honestly want to help, right. Not like, hey, what could it do for you today? Because it’s different.

It’s like, no, no, we don’t want to get in a service. Hey, I love what you did for me.

How can I how can I help you?

And these are some different things that I might be able to help with and connect. And here’s my contact information. Can you save it to your phone and call me any time if you have something now or later? Right. But it’s about giving so that they can get in touch with you again.

So if you don’t establish that easy way. So action one that we talked about, clear action that you can take is going ahead and help trying to help the person and ask how can I help you? And then item number two is to take action on it, to make the communication in the connection to establish that connection.

So the computer action is to send me an email if you have their contact information or to send them a text with your contact card. I’m a big fan of sending contact cards for everybody that I meet. So the contact card in my phone identifies me as like realtor or broker or whatever those are. It has a picture. It has all that stuff. You also have a text card text graphic that Meghan provides for you.

So you take that text graphic, you send it off with a link back to your Web page to Acquisto real estate dot com backslash Mike. Right. I give them the text graphic and I have my contact card in there and I say, can you please save this to your phone? Call me whenever for anything that you happen to have that comes up that you need any one of these things. Now we have the communication that date and get in touch with me.

Then I normally go in and because I tend to get busy and forget things, I’ll delay, send a text message back to them. That’s an Android feature. Sorry, Apple people and I’ll delay send a text message back to them that says, could you please kindly reply to me with your full contact card so that I can have it on my phone and I can get in touch with you? Right. And then normally they’ll reply back.

So I’ll set that for you fifteen minutes later, whatever that is. Yeah, whatever the follow up action is, then I can go in and I can take all their information and now I can put it in the system. And I created a contact for a new friend that I can follow up with to do different things and I can put some notes in there. And so now all of a sudden we went from discussion to now there’s a phone conversation back and forth and some people love texting.

And then I take it to the computer and I take the information from the contact card that they provided me, put it in the computer, put stuff in there, grab my four data points, name, address, phone number, whatever. And then if I want to, I could go ahead.

And now that I have that info, because they probably have their address in there, then I could send them whatever it happens to be on the property and I start to get to a better discussion without really doing much. But just providing and giving. Not selling. Just providing.

Yeah, know it’s really not that hard and you can make it hard. It’s fine. I mean, let people know what you do and that you have a lot of resources if they ever need anything. Good. All right. Sure. Let’s skip next topic and go to the third one.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 1.12.21

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