Today’s real estate word of the day is contingent, most specifically contingent offer, right, and whether you accept it or not. So we need to do is go ahead and define it, use it in a sentence and then quickly discuss it.

All right. A contingent home means that an offer on a home has been agreed to between the buyer and seller. But there are conditions that must be met to advance to a final sale. Often the closing of another home sale for the buyer is typically what that is. It is also common for the buyer to have a business transaction that must be completed for buyer to have funds to close. So you don’t really have your funds, right?

You just like waiting on him because there’s something else that has to happen or something contingent on China’s world.

You’re out in Mark’s world. Let’s talk about that a little bit.

Yes, so contingent offer to use it in discussion. The business the buyer was hoping that a good strategy, that their business deal would close so that they could buy the bad ass Lucas ranch, but.

But anyway, yes, so I’ll do one. OK, go ahead.

So we need to we’re going to move. We are in order to move, we have to sell our current home. Therefore, it is contingent our purchase is contingent on the sale of this home before we can close.

It makes perfect sense. Yes, we can’t. We can only do so much. So anyways, that’s what the word contingent, I think we’re done, we discussed a little bit get done.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 6.15.21

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