Kim Rising Star – Hey, Mike and Shana Acquisto, brokers of Acquisto Real Estate, and I want to know if you guys remember this was a really special moment in our career where we were able to be featured on the cover of real producers.

You guys remember that? We do.

There was a lot of fun and it was an honor.

And it just like it was like, wow, very, very exciting for us. So we received a call that somebody had been this real producers had been kind of following one of our agents. And we were like, whoa, that’s pretty cool. And then they wanted to feature her. So they talked to us about her and we gave them information and kind of kind of her story. And then they wanted to feature her as a rising star.

Just don’t forget here or that has been 19, 20 years old. I got a lot of work to get to work here.

So anyway, we’ve been keeping this a secret for a while, but today we are able to share this exciting news. So they want to feature a rising star. And we got the magazine yesterday and guess who it is?

Oh, oh, my boys are there, two of her now while she’s in a mirror, so this is Kim Kim Miller.  

You guys all know Kim Kim is also a previous fanhouse.

Actually, Michael’s first. She was second she was second badass ever a real estate. And they did this.

Awesome. It’s an honor to talk about her. The photos were really good. So this guy did a very good job with her photos.

She had to take these photos several times, but it ended up amazing. And then, you know, they’ve got a really a lot of information like the Chadwicks in here.

Yes. It’s sort of like what else is in there? Oh, very good. We had a lot of fun. We got to go and. Oddly enough, Kim did not call me up to be in the photo shoot. Now, just what I know, Kim first. Yeah, you definitely knew Kim first. Yes. So, Kim. So congratulations.

So you guys need to give Kim a huge shout out for that. That’s a big deal. You know, you always talk about it’s what you’re doing when nobody’s looking right.

And that is this totally true. So she just kept doing her doing her thing. And you get noticed, you guys. So we are super thankful that we have each and every one of you. And we’re very proud of Kim because she really busted her butt with two jobs full time, demanding jobs at the same time and was able to accomplish something great.

So, well, she had a goal in mind and she earned it. She did. Right. She’s just like anything in life. You have to kind of earn it.

And she wanted to be a full time real estate agent and she went out and earned it. Yeah. And she worked through all the challenges she had with having two jobs and commuting. And it was really impressive.

Yeah. It was so super proud. We have this magazine out here today and we look forward to nobody can take it. One of them you can get your own.

I do want you to sign it. Can Kim sign? Oh, yes. Bring a Sharpie. We’re going to have you sign that.  

Kim, you know, what’s really funny is I don’t think Camisea is seeing this yet.  

She hasn’t said, well, we have it, we have it.

So Kim and I did get to go to a reveal, a magazine reveal recently and got to see the article and photos and kind of everything about it. And we had to keep that a secret, too. So it’s been really hard to hold this in because it’s super exciting and we’re very proud. Way to go. Perfect. All right, we’re going to close this out.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 3.12.21

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