Driveway creep is anything that’s in your life, but what are you talking about? Well, we’re talking about concrete void filling. It might be a problem that you have at your home. If you’ve lived there for a little while and you start to see the concrete kind of slip.

Could be because of erosion in your foundation of the concrete and things just slipping a little bit, you’ll notice it because of the edge. Maybe if you’re riding a bike as a kid, you would have experienced this driving down on the sidewalk and all of a sudden you’d see one that was raised up. Right. Or maybe it was sunken. So what we’re going to go for is how to repair that, what you could do and see how we can help you.

So what we’re going to do is split the screen and see if we can come up with a relatively cost effective solution instead of ripping it out and replacing it. So Omkar is going to go ahead and take us over here and we’re going to go to PolliLiveUSA. This is a company that goes ahead and fixes this problem for us.

If we scroll down, we’re going to see a video that will kind of load up here for us. And let’s look at the pictures here while we have them up. So we’ll go to the sinking concrete. If you see that problem there, that’s a telltale sign that you kind of have a challenge and you might see that other places you have erosion or voids kind of coming in here and you might have some cracked surfaces and these things happening here.

So as you scroll down, we’ll see basically what goes on here as they go ahead and drill a small hole in there. And then with this, they put a little piece in there. So this cap goes inside there and then they inject this foam inside there. There’s a bunch of different companies.

I’m not specifically endorsing this one here, per say, but what I’m doing is going over the whole concept and explaining exactly how it works. So you as a homeowner can get these things fixed so they don’t come up in your inspection report. Or if they do, you know how to have it fixed. Right. Then they inject this stuff and then they fill that hole and patch it.

So they’re actually able to go ahead and use the same stuff. So they have some before and after that, we’re going to show down below. So let’s go ahead and see that we can move from side to side with that. I don’t know why I like these sliders that just work like this. I think they’re really good to show a before and after.

So that kind of shows you before and after exactly how they work in the same thing with each of these other ones that you might have this type of issue and then boom, it looks better. So isn’t that nice? We like to have nice, clean resolutions when we have some when we have a problem and this is a potential solution for you. So we will chat in this link for you.

And if this is something that helps you guys out, then you can go ahead and utilize it again. I’m not directly endorsing this company or saying that they’re the best or any one of those things, but it could be a help for you if you have a pool that could have a walkway problem like a sidewalk. Maybe this is happening in your driveway at most specifically happens behind your house as it’s sloping away towards toward the edge of your property because we kind of have this runoff thing going on.

And that’s kind of how it works. So. It’s all I got to the next topic

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