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Hello, welcome to TNT, topic number three for today, concierge services coming soon to Acquisto Real Estate, that is Shana Acquisto. She’s a luxury real estate broker. She’s been on me for getting more stuff for the agents. She wants to make sure that the agents are fully, fully happy, that they get every single thing that they need. That’s right.

It’s the agent alliance over here.
Yeah. You’ve been all over us, and that’s been really good. What we want to do is make sure that we provide the absolute best for every agent here that we have, make sure that they’re getting the absolute most value.

And you guys seem like say, oh, yeah, we’ve been asking about this place.

No, this is some stuff that you guys have been looking forward for, right? We had a meeting yesterday and our agent workshop and we discussed this topic in particular. And there was a lot of people that were super positive about it. And they wanted to hear what was going on.

And they were like, oh, this would be really good. It seemed really difficult to do on your own, but yet if you had some support that you could quickly go through this and subscribed people or have these things kind of taken care of for you. So it kind of perked up in our mind, like, well, this is someone that’s insane to you. Yeah, right.

So it seems like it is. So is a concierge service coming soon? There’s a question mark after that. And we need to kind of discuss what that would be for you as an agent. So next week during our weekly workshop, we’re going to dive deeper into it. So what I would like you to do is bring some ideas on things that you as an agent would like this concierge service to do for you, knowing that they can’t physically go out to a location. But there are things that they could be able to do for work related.

They’re not going to come to your home or wash your car, fill your car with gas. That your husband’s job. This is. These are things work related that would be really nice if. You know, you had the option or the ability to have someone else do them for you.

Yeah, subscribe somebody for this. Send out this letter to any one of those things in that type of fashion. So next week, please be prepared. Please dive into last to the weekly workshop that we had yesterday. If you missed it, go ahead and watch the pre-recorded version of it that was completed so you can find that up live now. And we’re going to discuss some things that you want to do.

We’re going to try it at the end of the meeting to come up with some clear and actionable items that we can start to implement for the agents. So we’ll have to that and see exactly where it is. And we want to find out the top things you want to do. And it should be some additional services that the support family is starting to do for you. So what kind of look at that and see exactly how we can do it for you? Yeah.

Ok. All right, thank you.

Bring ideas, Megan, between now and then, we’ll be working on kind of like an outline of what we could kind of do. And I will make sure we kind of have some framework on things that we think are possible and what we could do there. So we’ll meet on that topic and have some really good discussions and excited to be expanding and hopefully helping more right where the agents need. And the whole purpose behind that is we found is to create more repeat and referral business for agents.

That is their personal business. Probably a lot easier to do than to go out on Facebook and find new people. Let’s find the existing people that are happy with us and get more of them for business. We worked hard for it. Yeah, right. Yeah. I mean, Awesome. So excited about that.

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