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So there’s a bunch of different things that we provide for you as a firm here, and they do have some value. So we need to make sure that we get them back, we receive them back in the correct condition, and we  check them out correctly. So recently I’ve been realizing that we have a bunch of signs that are coming back in, particularly scratched, and now they’re not usable. So the goal is to have high quality assets that we’re able to put out all the time that looks great. I want you to be able to walk out and put a brand-new sign in everybody’s yard and have the client walk out and have it look just great. They only sell a home one time. And I don’t want to bring a use. I don’t want to bring stuff that doesn’t look right. So we take the time every time and we clean them. We don’t want dirt in your car. We don’t want any of that.

We want you to have a great experience. So we’re giving you a nice sign every single time. But when those signs come back, I’ve been having a challenge recently, people with somebody leaving the sign in their car for a little too long and then putting something on top of the sign in their trunk and that stuff moving around. And then all of a sudden they return the sign and now there are scratches all over it. And that sign should basically be the exact same as when you give it back. It can be dirty. Like, that’s totally fine. We clean it every single time and inspect it. But the challenges right now, I’m getting a lot back that are that are scratch. So please be cognizant of that. If when you take the sign down, bring it back immediately, it really helps. We get them cleaned on Fridays of each week. We leave them outside, they all get cleaned and refreshed and  put back up. We have the best looking ones on the outside, in the other ones on the inside. And we try to have plenty for you. Right. But recently I went out there and counted them and I think I have six of them now that I look at and I’m like, this doesn’t meet my standard and I don’t want to put them back out. And so I’m just asking for some assistance and high standards here to quipster real estate. No, we totally do. But like, it’s real money and just know that the signs do have an expense and we don’t want to have to included.

Yeah, I don’t pay for signs, as you know, but yeah.

So I’m just kind of asking for that same thing with the lock boxes, the combo one specifically kind of get dinged up when you guys leave them in your trunk. So just like bring the stuff right back, respect it like it’s yours. And that’s, that’s about it because it is actually like our money. And we I would rather spend it on something else rather than buying replacing science. OK, so the same goes for the rider. Sometimes you run into problems with riders where people don’t pick them up or return them or they’re coming soon. One doesn’t get fetched down and it’s going to. Yeah. So that would totally help out. Thank you guys. And let’s go ahead and say that anything else is there.

Ok, I do think it’s funny that we do there is a production involved of sign washing, so. Yeah, no, it’s a real thing. You do it, Logan does it and they really, really take pride in having clean signs and lockboxes.

So and it’s not just clean, but it’s like the election, right.

It’s like what you wear to a listing appointment or, you know, to show a home thing.

Do you want a sign to show up in your property that has cobwebs on it or is dirty or, you know, just came from another property? Right. Just I want to spend the time and inspect it. And I appreciate that.

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