Commercial real estate is changing. We’ve had this virus and there’s some things that are going on a little bit different, so we’re going to show off the concept moving forward for Hardees. Yeah, Hearties, they had like those spiral cut fries and they were really pretty good. And you ate them and then you hadn’t had one in a super long time. And you’re like, I thought they were out of business, like, well, yeah, so did.

So anyways, Hardys has a new concept that they’ve come up with. We’re going to go ahead and split the screen and share that for you so you can look at it. Now, why are we talking about this? It’s a really good question. So what this is, is, is commercial real estate, but it’s the things that are changing there. And what we’ve seen is that as things change in commercial real estate, they will trickle and affect us in different places.

So if we’re looking at the future, let’s look at the future. I’m so tickled by that one. Scroll on down and let’s see what we have here. So we’re going to see that they’re changing quite a few things that what they’re really pushing is all this contact less stuff. So they have an app and they have a kiosk and you can scan your phone and you can order from here. You can order from all these different places and you can pick up differently. But most importantly, what we’re trying to show you over here is if we look at the actual building design, right.

Commercial Real Estate

So in this upper left hand corner, we see the new hearties are quite a bit smaller. It’s going to feature more drive through. There’s probably going to be to drive through three drive through like Chick fil A and just be adding lanes to get in and out even quicker.

Our people are going to be going inside. Probably not. The real estate’s going to be utilized much, much differently. There’s going to be a lot more pull up lanes. So as we look over here, this is kind of a hybrid. If you look how small this building is, this building from the street is going to look more like a skinny Starbucks, but like not the one where you actually go in, but like the one that’s like super skinny and there’s like a barista, R-2 inside or like ten working all these different things.

So this hybrid solution is less footprint for real estate, for indoor seating, but more for the pickup. So you’re going to see drive thru with multiple drive thru lanes. And then if we go over further, you’re going to see that you have options to go up in order and use all this contact less stuff. And they highlight that with the different colors here. And then you’re can have all these different curbside pick up options where they’re going to come out to you and bring it to you. You’re going to use your app to order in advance.

So it’s fresh, hot and ready when you pull up and you’re not waiting because who wants to wait for a good curly fry? For me, that’s a no. I want it immediately. When I think curly fry, I think in my mouth, not sitting in the fryer, I want that right.

So as you scroll back down, we’re going to take a look at the rest of this and we’re going to see that we have the drive thru pick up, we have curbside and we’ll probably have some bellhops come out. Are they going to be wearing roller skates? I don’t know. That’s for hearties to decide and to see if they’re going to get in any problems with Sonic over the whole roller skate situation. But probably they’ll do that. I don’t know why, but people in roller skates just seems like a great idea for our used to go to.

So anyways, if you’re looking for a good milkshake, maybe Hearties is a place for you. If you’re looking for a curly fry, for sure it is. But regardless, you’ve seen a new real estate trend here, and I just brought it to you in. Is that going to change residential real estate while we see tons of changes already going on? And there are going to be a seismic is this we see that huge shift, that huge real estate diffusion with people relocating all over?

They’re moving from that city center and they’re moving out like. And they’re just going and it’s happening more and more at each different level that we go out. Land is so sought after right now, we see all these huge trends with people moving to these places that were like, wow, I never thought about that. That’s a great place.

Elon Musk and his Internet and what he’s providing with this low orbit satellite Internet that actually works. We have real live reports coming in from Megan in Cody, Wyoming, telling us that right outside Yellowstone, her neighbors are getting this and it works tremendous. And they’re getting speeds of like one hundred and fifty where they used to get like two or three. Imagine if you were trying to work there and you had speed of two for your Internet. That’s like not going to cut it.

But now when we bump this up and we get this now and we get to one hundred and fifty, there’s all these different places we can live, work, play, enjoy. Right. So the same way we see this going on with Hearties, we see the same thing going on with residential real estate. Huge trends right now. As of today, we have four land loans in with one lender. And these are all AG loans looking for a little bit more space.

Do you know, in our total existence, I don’t believe in all 20 years that we’ve done for land loans total with where we’re currently located. So why is this going on? Because this is all changing. We have four simultaneously, right? That’s a big shift and this is all going on. People are moving out. These same things are going on. If I show you the trend in commercial, there’s a same trend in residential. So this is all exciting.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 4.15.21

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