Protest My Property Taxes – Are your property taxes going up? I bet they are. You’re probably thinking yourself, what in the world? Why are my taxes higher? I’m going to help you out with that one. My name’s Mike Acquisto. I’m a real estate broker in Frisco, Texas. And we’re going to talk about protesting your property taxes. The first thing that you want to probably know is when is the deadline? So we’re going to cover that for you.

You probably want to get some other resources in links to some things that could help you out out on this. Like maybe how do I exactly do it? What are some things? How can I have the best results? Who can do it for me? I don’t want to do it myself. Know what’s the procedure like? How does all that stuff work? We’re going to share all those links and quite a bit more for you. So let’s go ahead and split the screen. And first, we’re going to give you where you can get some of those forms.

And these are going to come directly from Colin CAD and these are going to be items that you can go ahead and collect directly from the website. We’ll pull that link up here for you in just a second. And we’ll get that over in just one moment here and how do you file it and when is the date? So the date is May 15th that you have to file that by so May 15th, if you owned the property on the 1st of the year, is when you have to go ahead and file that.

OK, so that will be the exact form that you have to download and file so that you can protest your taxes is going to be file one thirty to PDAF and we’ll have that down at the bottom where you can go ahead and file that to protest your taxes. It’s going to be right from this link. There’s going to be a lot of downloads of this one because people actually love to protest their taxes.

The next thing I’m going to go ahead and share with you, as we’ve done a lot of different past episodes on this. So we’ve done extensive talking about this topic in general. So I’m also going to share some links with you. So I have three in particular that I’m highlighting and those we pulled up here on YouTube.

You can see a younger Mike and Shana in some of these here in the past. These are shout outs to the to the pass. There’s Mike explaining what this is in twenty eighteen. We’re in some dad played for you and showing you what’s going on here.

And this is an escrow shortage. And what happens also shout out to twenty eighteen is well and this one is telling you how to get you know, your property tax information with Collin County. So that’ll be all right there. There’s some good links there that can help you out and how to fight your property taxes. And Rachel Webster join me there. She is currently the badass belt holder with a Questa real estate. She’s doing a great job right now as an agent, inspiring others and leading the charge.

So our hats off to Rachel Westar. Great job and thank you for recording some videos regarding property taxes the last calendar year. So that was good for us. Now we’ve kind of covered where you get the form when the deadline is and how you do it. I don’t want to discuss it too much more because you’ll be able to watch any one of those different episodes.

The one in particular with Rachel discusses a lot of things, and I think that would be a good watch for you or a good share at this time of the year. Thank you guys for joining us. That concludes that we’re always here to help you. Call me if you need any help. Larry is saying that not many people are going to call actually, but yeah, whatever. Just do it.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 4.21.21

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