College rankings – Difference Between Education Expense vs. Housing Expenses

College rankings just came out. We’re going to go over what the top universities are, how much it costs to attend and how this in particular relates to real estate and how the cost of education and the cost of housing do have some stuff that are all tied together.

So we’re going to chat this link in for, you know, Omkar is going to split the screen and we will show you that best national university rankings and we’ll pull this up in.

Omkar is going to guide us through here, and we’re going to see that the number one university that kind of comes in here is going to be Princeton University.

And as we take a look at this, the first thing that we see here is Princeton is fifty six thousand dollars on an annual basis to attend. Per year.

So just take that number in and think about that and then think per student, right? How many students you have in your home or your potential clients do so if they’re planning on going to one of these universities. It’s a real expense.

And if you take this times four years or more and multiply that out, it’s a real, real big number. So just kind of put that in the back of your mind as we’re going through this subconsciously.

Look at these different numbers here, and it’s not meant to scare you, but rather it’s meant to just be eye opening because things do change over a period of time.

Columbia Whoa. Oh, snap. Columbia says they are sixty three thousand dollars on an annual basis probably includes a cost to attend because New York City is a little bit more expensive than other places, but sixty three grand on an annual basis.

Now these rankings, you guys can go through and kind of take a look at as we as we go through. But you know, one of the next things we’re going to see here is we’ll probably have Harvard next at fifty five five. So those are the cost to attend.

I’m only going to go through the top three of those, so you kind of see them and that should be about it. We’ll have this link.

We’ll chat it in for you. And, you know, that’s one of those things, scholarships, Ivy League. I don’t know so much about all that Rachel I did in both my sister, Amy and I were fortunate enough to be able to attend. And I can speak that based on scholarships, maybe not all that much.

It is one of those things that you do have to actually pay. So anyways, that has to do with college, the cost to attend the housing and what that is.

So just think through if you have two hundred thousand dollars for per per student in your household and you have two two students, you have four hundred thousand dollars of potential liability.

If they achieved and went to one of those top universities. And how does that play into housing and how should you be saving now?

But these are just things that as you’re walking through being more aware of, some of these costs would help you out. As you scroll through.

You would see that the University of Texas A&M, SMU or some local schools that did rank really high. I’m going to allow you to take a look at those rankings yourself and see where some of those local schools happen to fit in.

But just knowing a little bit more about higher education and bringing that to the forefront is going to be important and helpful for you as a real estate agent.

How do you save for this? I don’t really know. You pretty much just have to make more money and you have to spend less. So.

I don’t know, but some of those numbers are like almost unsolvable. You know, so best of luck. I’m reporting you decide.

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