Choose Your Buddy- So this kind of goes along the line of when you’re out. What? I’m going to be your buddy. You’re going to show homes for me. No, I actually you have said thank you.

I’ve been sitting like to do showings for me, which is awesome.

But I think, you know, we’ve talked about this before, but not everybody is, you know, does this and it’s kind of one of those things that happens. And you’re not being proactive about, your being reactive about. And it’s about having somebody there to take take your place. If you decide to go out of town or you have an emergency or something like that.

So what I encourage everyone to do, and this is something we’re going to ask all of you to do, and I think most of you have someone that you kind of, you know, collaborate with and know like and trust.

And we want you to choose a buddy. So let’s have a buddy system. So if you have to go out of town or you’re not feeling well and you need somebody or you have a deal and you’re just struggling with and you need to talk to somebody about it, I have Stacey be my buddy. She is your buddy. I don’t know if she might fire you.

I know you don’t do. I would say yes, she wants to get rid of me for sure. No, but Stacey is not your buddy. Stacey is a client coordinator, so she’s not the person that takes care of all those things. She’s going to do certain things because she’s super nice. But the more you ask of her to do those things, she can’t do other shows.

She’s all of our buddies. But not in this regard, you guys. So if you’re like, hey, I forgot, you know, here’s what happens. You think I’ve got everything under control in my business. I’m going to take four days off. Sure. And then I’m going to come back. You should I’m going to start building my pipeline back. Would you grab your bags and you go to the airport and then all of a sudden this clients like you, you haven’t heard from in seven years. I’m looking at a five million dollar house. Can you show me today? Hell yeah. Oh, you’re out of town now. What? So it happens, you guys. It happens all the time.

So play it more often if that happens. Well, then, yeah. So a couple of things to that is be prepared. Be prepared when you are going to go away, make that relationship with your buddy and talk about it, say, hey, will you be my buddy and will you be my buddy. We go to get away together. Yeah we do get ready for a job. Yeah. So establish that with someone have that conversation so they’re not thrown out there in like OK you’re, you’re gone while I’m gone too. Right. So it has to be someone that you have the conversation with and, and they know you and kind of know how you work and you, you need to trust one another.

They’re going to take over your business that you’ve built and relationships that you’ve built, you know, and take them over for you. So it should be somebody like it should be someone that’s like minded like yourself and in similar in different ways.

And so you don’t think someone will help you? Do you have to pay somebody? No, we don’t always have to pay for every everything. We all do things that are outside of our, I guess, what our job description is. But, you know, it’s kind of like you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours. But having that, I know Mike Shepherd and I. I mean, I’ve called on him to do things many times and he knows that he can turn around and call me and I’ll do whatever I need to do for him. Right. And maybe you need a couple of buddies.

So just find a buddy, choose your buddy.

Everyone needs a buddy. And maybe we’ll start asking you, who’s your buddy? I think we know who a lot of them are, but. But establish that and have that. You know why you really need that? Because we need to get away this business. You will work, work, work, work, work until you can actually get away. And this year we’ve been challenged with not being able to travel and get away. And it’s been a little difficult. But if you can find some time, I think it’s really important that you are able to take some time away and when you’re away to really be away and take that time for yourself to enjoy yourself. You know, for years we would go on vacation and it still happens.

We we end up working a lot of our vacations.

You know, we’ve done a lot of deals on the beach, which is fine. But, you know, a lot of things happen when we’re on vacation. And, you know, I I think in this last couple of years, there’s been a time that we truly were able to disconnect. And it is a wonderful thing. And it’s necessary for your mental health and to keep you fresh and the best you can be.

Your clients, you know, and that’s really having a buddy and being able to get away is really protecting your client and what you’ve established.

Right. If all of a sudden you’ve worked so hard to build this relationship and then you’re gone and they’re upset because nobody can show them a home in a competitive market, they’re going to go somewhere else. So all that work you’ve done is, you know, it’s wasted.

So you have to continue the care for your client from beginning to end. And this is definitely a way to do so.

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