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Cloud kitchens, we’re going to talk all about that or what it is and how it’s possibly changing food delivery. That’s Shana Acquisto. She’s a luxury real estate broker. This is Michael Acquisto. He’s a luxury real estate broker also.

And, yeah, thank you. Hey, let’s go ahead and talk about this one. We’ll split the screen and we’ll talk about cloud kitchens. They’re known as a bunch of other items, ghost kitchens, cloud kitchens, e kitchens, fast kitchens, delivery only kitchens, all kinds of items. All right. And essentially what it is at the end of the day is a place that simply allows you to open up a retail place and have a have a full restaurant that’s only about delivery.

Ok, OK, so if you love to cook, yes, if you if you’re a restaurant, right. So the idea is that you don’t have to have a physical restaurant where you serve people.

So instead of having one physical restaurant, you can open up multiples of these all around town. I get an Uber eats or any of those delivery companies will go directly to this place, pick this stuff up, just like you’re kind of seen here in this video, and then they’ll take and deliver it for you. So it’s allowing you to disperse where you are around town. And just have this small kitchen space and this is a good example of what it’s kind of like, that you’ll have a small kitchen space, no retail facing.

And people will just be simply allowed to go ahead and outbreeding it and pick it up right there and then it gets delivered. So you should have faster response times, fresher food, lower cost. So look at this here. So on average, they have two hundred square feet of space is all they need, just a small little place. So you can cook probably less staffing a lot quicker to launch. It’s a lot cheaper. And, you know, you can get to profitability a whole heck of a lot quicker if you don’t have reliability.

I would say. Right, that you that comes along with what people wouldn’t be able to come in person. Right. It would just be slimple, you know, where it’s being cooked.

Right. Yeah, well, it’s being cooked in one of these places, but you’re just going on like door ash or you’re going to overeats or whatever that company happens to be, and you’re just like, oh, they’re close, it’ll be fast and you go ahead and buy it. So now these places don’t need servers. It’s just totally revolutionizing and changing the way that things are done here. And there’s definitely a change for real estate on how that is in particular. So, Chad, and now the next topic is going to be, how often are you ordering online for food more often? Less often, like way more than you kind of like once a week. What’s going on?

Really? Don’t do that. We’ll order food online, but we cook it ourselves. You know, and there’s something about going out to dinner and being able to sit down and letting someone else, you know, I don’t know, I like going out to dinner. I see this I see a lot of, you know, on my Facebook or Instagram, I do see a lot of these companies that do like a membership. Right. So you subscribe to this.

And if you’re looking for, you know, a healthy way of eating, then you can subscribe and they deliver meals for you, you know, and you can kind of pick and choose what they are. So I do see that. Yeah, we’ll see. So you’re going to. So are you saying you’re going to get a higher quality food with that than just, you know, typically Uber Eats or those companies you’re getting more of a fast food, right. So this is going to be more.

Well, I think they just pretty much are delivering whatever the people ask for. They’re just the delivery mechanism. It’s not from a restaurant.

I mean, this could literally be whatever you want it to be. Food quality doesn’t really matter. It could be fried food or it could be like super fresh and organic and like ultimately very healthy. But that really doesn’t much matter. What you would get is probably a hotter product right where it’s closer to you. So imagine if somebody was over eating and driving you food that’s 30 minutes away.

That’s a long drive in the food. Might not be as good. I thought if they had more locations and there’s one closer to you and it was just five minutes away, then you would probably get a better product. Whether it happened to be pizza or pasta or whatever it is, it’s going to most likely be a higher quality when it ultimately gets to you just to the proximity. OK, so this should hopefully help out with that. Totally change things. And instead of waiters, you’ll have more drivers, ironically.

And so kind of goes driverless carts. Remember, we’ve seen those around, you know, interesting.

So we’ll see how this has an effect and real estate in general. And I think we see a lot of these opening up because it does make sense. I think it is a sustainable model.

It kind of makes sense with the current times. And then places like the the food deliveries can all go to one central hub if there’s a bunch of them all in one place, I think kind of like a storage unit for food where people just like small little kitchens in there and they just show up, pick up your food and they walk over here and get this one, get that one, and then they’d come back and deliver it directly to you.

So we’ll see how this works out. So my favorite food to get delivered in person, I have no idea is when I’m up the lake, I like to have Chinese food from rice noodles. Big shout out to them. Couston 121. I think they do a great job. Bring you super hot food. I don’t know. I order it and like we’ll be there in ten minutes. I’m like. I live one minute, drive right there like they’re there faster than they should be able to make it , driving around in the car with your meal, like to have a walk in the back seat or something, just totally cooking it up.

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