Client Poker Party

Client poker parties coming up, Shana, when is it
Get your poker face is on, it is Saturday. We have some assets that were.

Guys, and we’re going to remind you that today is a great day to go ahead and hit that and make sure that everybody is properly invited. Yeah, OK. So we’re going to share those assets with you. We’re going to pull it up. I think we have a link here so we can give you the assets.

We’ll also let you know that it is on Facebook page.

It is on our Facebook page you guys can share. But Meghan is going to actually send you guys. I know she’s been talking to you guys in the workshops and in meetings, but we’re going to send you an email and share it. You can send an email with the assets.

I’ve been sending out messages on Facebook and Instagram with the link so you can save it to your phone and do that. If you have trouble doing that, let me know. But you guys should all be sharing this

And everybody should already have registered themselves. And so if you go ahead and put yourself on the list, that would be a key thing and your spouse. Make sure that the people are of age so that we can actually have them play. There is a cost to playing. One hundred percent of the money is paid out, so it’s a fifty dollars buy in cash only. We’ll take the money. We’ll distribute it out to everybody.

There’s prizes for the first couple of people. We have some rules. I saw those published somewhere it’s five to six, is a barbecue in six fifteen is poker time when we actually start. If you would like to learn more about how to play poker and you’re unaware of yourself or there’s something that you want to. Please show up early and we’ll teach you. We’ll show you all the rules and everything else.

Even if you’re not like a poker whiz, it’s probably great for you to play to have interactions with other people, including your clients. So encourage people even if they’re not amazing at it, just to participate and you’ll be making a donation to somebody else that happens to be good at it.

And last poker party was exciting.

Logan won Yeah, that was awesome tournament.

So that was really cool. He did a great job there and it’s fun, you guys. We have barbecue, so you have that five to six that you’re you’re getting to mingle and have a good time. And then it gets serious. People start playing poker

And then as people are out, I think last time it turned into a dance party outside, somehow maybe led by yourself. So guys, it should be. It should be plenty of fun.

You know, sometimes if you have anything you want to drink, you can bring that for yourself.

Sometimes people don’t really like to play poker, but their spouse does, or vice versa. They want to come with a friend and it’s OK, come and hang out and mingle and have some barbecue and then you don’t have to play. But it’s so much fun,

So the long range weather forecast looks really nice, looks good. So we should be good and that will be here in Frisco, at at our home. The party house.

Yeah, so we’re super excited to see you. Yeah, and it is important that you invite people and you invite up promptly. Don’t like wait till the last minute. Don’t definitely need to have your cell phone already.

This person would never play poker. Look beyond that. Look at invite, invite getting in front of them, you know, and including them. They want. You want to show them appreciation, right?

So it’s not actually about the event. It’s about inviting somebody and inviting a lot of people. It’s like a volume invite. So there’s only going to be a certain amount of people that show up no matter what, right, due to like if it’s the right time for them, if it’s their event, if it’s, you know, kids and what they have and like what’s going on with school and sports and like, pick all

Those inspiring kids coming up. I know, you know, a couple will be gone for spring break and we have, but it’s about inviting a lot of people because even if they said no, at least a herger name and gave you an opportunity to reach out and say, Hey, here’s something.

What if they can’t come? But they’re like, Oh my gosh, my friend, who you don’t know loves to play poker. That’s happened. I mean, we’ve had people come that we had people come last from from Oklahoma, right? It came from out of state to play poker, and they really thought they were going to come in here and win. But Logan,

But this is Texas, so not here.

So, yes,   Get them in. Use this to market today.

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