Christmas: Adopting a Family

All right, so this has been a you know, we’re super thankful for the year that we’ve had here to Acquisto Real Estate and it shouldn’t be understated how thankful we are. And going from Thanksgiving to the next holiday coming up here is going to be is going to be Christmas for us. And there are some families that haven’t had that same type of thing this calendar year.

Right? It’s been it’s been a very difficult year for a lot of people with covid the worldwide pandemic. And we’ve seen a huge change in shift and in the normal. So this year we decided that we would adopt a family and try to help someone else that’s in need. You know, we talk about all the time how we feel a responsibility to  to help, you know, and to serve and and to do those types of things.

So this is one way that we’re doing it during the holiday season. So I don’t know if you guys are familiar with and Harris with North Texas giving foundation, but she for years and years and years has she founded this company. But she has always been someone who is such a giver and in her community and serving and she formed this this company in North Texas giving foundation. And, you know, we’re familiar with that. And Ann Harris. So I reached out to Ann and asked her, you know, told her what we wanted to do as a company. And she’s like, let me think about it. And so she sent me a family that is going through hardship. And I’ll tell you a little bit about the family. So it is a mom who is an E.R. nurse currently.

She is experiencing a lot of spinal issues. So she’s in severe pain all the time. She’s had multiple injections and things like that. It’s just not helping. So, you know, she’s really struggling with that and trying to work on top of that. She got covid. So, you know, that was really difficult. Her husband over the summer had a heart attack and two strokes. So this family is really struggling. They can’t work. You know, it’s just been really, really difficult for them. And the bills are piling up. They have twin daughters and they’re 11 years old and their name is Kelly and Chloe. And then they have to service dogs as well. So just hearing their story, I just I mean, I just felt so good about being able to to possibly help these girls and maybe take their mind off of all the struggles.

A little background history here is Ann Harris. That’s Dale Harris’s. Is that OK? All right. So former he was not the head coach. Maybe he was for, like a super short period of time.

Well, he probably assistant well, no. So he was definitely a head coach for a short period of time for the Mavericks because, Don, Don Nelson used to get thrown out of games all the time. And so Del Harris would take over for the am I correct in saying that he was actually an assistant coach, but he did coach quite a few games for Dirk when it seemed like, you know, Nelson got got tossed.

Yeah. So that was that was pretty cool.

So very giving, you know, giving family. And I think Omkar has a photo of the girls. So I thought something that was interesting about these girls is Caylee on the left was born first and she’s left handed. Chloe’s on the right. She was born after and she’s right-handed. So I thought I thought that was cute. They’re also a special type of twin called Mirror Mirror Image Twins.

So that means identical twins opposite. Yeah. Wow. I know. That’s actually I hadn’t heard that either.

And that’s why, you know, one’s left-handed ones. Right. So it’s really interesting and unique. So so what we’re going to do is we’re going to you know, I asked for a list of things that they need. And this mom is not one thing for herself. It was all for the girls and she really wanted.

So let me take just a second here for you, OK? So you can redeem yourself and I’ll share some of the things that, you know, really match up on this a lot for me.

So as a father, I you know, people ask me from time to time like what was well, I guess they don’t ask me.

I tell them my favorite time that I had with boys. And it was like when they were 11 and 12, there was this time frame when, you know, boys especially think their father is like hung the moon and could do do anything. And so they would believe that, like, hey, my dad’s faster than your dad or like any one of those things. And they just totally looked up to it that like ten, eleven, twelve year old age. So that age is  an age that’s special to me. And so and with the girls and with the twins, there’s definitely a tie in as well. So our middle son Tanner did just get engaged recently. And so he’s engaged to a to a French girl that we definitely, definitely are super excited about being in a race. Her dad. Is that what you’re saying? And see if your race or dad is now totally right. Your dad is not a problem. I’m totally faster than he is. And so that would be not a problem. But going back to Cecile is she’s a twin as well. Yeah. So we have some there. She has a twin brother.

So, yeah, she does go ahead with this family, so I’m a sap and, you know, I’m sure just as the kids were like, my dad’s faster than yours, they’re probably like my mom cries more than your mom and Saphir than your mom. But anyway.

So we’re going to shop and, you know, get some things for these girls and their family and deliver it to. Ok, so if you as an agent want to help out, we’ll have a way and an opportunity for you to do so. Maybe drive more into it. Yeah, we’ll get to that in person. Right. But, you know, maybe think or discuss with your family if that’s something that you want to help out. And if it has been for you, then we’ll we’ll see exactly what we can to help out this family in the best possible way and sometimes support me. Give back. And this seems like it is one of those times. Yeah, for sure. So thank you for doing that for Shawna. Thank you for the company. Again, that was there, the non-profit North Texas Giving Foundation. OK, yeah. And that’s very good. It’s a touching story and I’m thankful that you sort this out and led the way for us, you know, as Mike and Shawna and then as a firm as well. So it’s really, really nice. Thank you for doing that. Yeah. And I hope that  resonates with everybody else. And I hope that maybe we will continue this in the future because it seems like something that we should be able to do for sure. And there that is so thank you to everybody.

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