Choose contractors wisely – Ladies and gentlemen, choose your contractor extremely wisely, so there’s going to be a lot of damage, people are going to be wanting, you know, especially if you had someone that was thinking about listing, thinking about listing in the spring and now they have damage, they’re going to be in a panic to get these things done right. But you still want to be very careful because this is where people get burned so bad.

We had, you know, an example of a of a client, elderly client in Dallas that had, you know, hail damage, storm damage. And somebody came in and, oh, this guy, the sweetest guy. But this contractor came in. He goes, I need 50 percent up front. He paid him. Nothing happened.

So, you know, you need to make sure that you’re you’re not allowing people to panic, you know, spread this word to choose wisely, to get references, to find out if they’re insured. You know, a lot of people will  all of a sudden come into the market. We see that with roofing. Right. When you have a hail storm, they’re coming from all angles. They chase you down your alley, trying to stroke, trying to get into your home to to get you to commit to them. So, you know, I see that when someone is in a panic or, you know, almost a desperate situation and look, I just have to get this done.

I need to sell my home or I just can’t live like this. I’m living in a temporary place. That’s where things go, go sideways. So, you know, there’s a lot of things, a reference you need to make sure that you have a reference of somebody you know, who’s doing the work. And honestly, the really good contractors that we’ve seen, they never ask for anything up front. They’re normally like, you know what, let me get started and everything. And then you kind of pay them along the way.

But most of them, you know, they might require a deposit. A lot of them are not going to have you pay fifty percent up front. I don’t think they might change now that we’re in this. You know, in a in  this time, I don’t know, but, you know, if you have it if you sign a contract with someone, just make sure you read over it and understand what their limitations are and what they’re going to do.

But just be very, very cautious with this, you know, and take the time. I would rather wait and know that I’m going to get it done correctly and properly and with somebody that’s not going to ditch me in the middle of it rather than, you know, just, hey, this guy’s free. He’s got all the time in the world. Well, maybe there’s a reason for that.

And so that was a negative experience. Let me talk about and, you know, we can speak about a positive experience. Right. So you had a specific property that’s coming up to a nice super luxury property. And it’s a huge home, like really, really big.

And there was damage there, and all of a sudden we thought it was going to take a ton of time for this all to get repaired, and we thought it was going to be a real problem. Well, the contractor was all over it, right, that he had the proper people there. They stopped the  major problem right away. And then they got in and started to repair it. They mitigated the damage.

And all of a sudden it’s like days later, I mean, and we thought it was going to be 30 to 45 days. And by Friday, they should be almost complete. And there were multiple places within the home that had damage.

I don’t know, did you say that like I thought I heard somewhere six leaks at least that they had discovered. So those are all going on. And so they fixed at times six pretty much already. We were over there yesterday and it’s like, whoa, I thought it was going to take a month and all of a sudden it’s a matter of days.

Yeah, but they want to get done, too, so they can do they can continue to help everyone. So, you know, it goes back to relationships. You’ve had these relationships with people, you know, matters, matters.

So if you have a contractor, if you have a contractor that you really, really like, go ahead and chat those in. And maybe that helps out some people. We do have a vendor’s guide that we can link there.

So maybe Megan grabs that link in charge of a resource book that’s updated quarterly and you guys can go in and we have a writer document that you can go in. And if you have a great experience with someone, please put it in there. And if you have someone that maybe you contacted from our resource book, you know, we have to continuously update it that may have moved or no longer in business for whatever reason, then we need to make sure we take them off.

Or if you have a negative experience with someone, we need to hear about that, too. And they will come off. I mean, we you know, these are we don’t get paid or get any anything, you know, monetary from from utilizing their services. But we want to do what’s in the best interests of our of our clients and our friends. So absolutely. Yeah, I think that’s all pretty good. Just choose wisely. Choose wisely.

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Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 2.25.21

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