Post Your Favorite TopicYeah, she is happy St. Patrick’s Day. And here’s a challenge for you. I love challenges. So we’re going to relate this. Katie came up with this and it was a really good one. So she wants to have. There you go. Katy wants to have TNT Tuesday, but I’m announcing it on a Wednesday. So Katie’s going to show us what to do this week. And I’m going to go ahead and split the screen and share a website for just a second. So.

Perfect. All righty, so here we go and we’re going to check this link in to you. So this is Shana from Acquisto Real, and we have our TNT section. So this is under the videos. I’m going to take control of the mouse and move it around here and show you guys what we got over here in the upper right hand corner is AcquistoTV. And when you click on that, you are going to load the page up and then you’re going to see this and that.

So there’s going to be a bunch of videos under this we now have one hundred and sixteen videos under this in that. So please just go ahead and click here. And now that you’re at this page, it will be the link that Omkar is going to chat in for you in just a moment. But what we’re going to have are your favorite TNT topics.

So these are going to get posted here. We try to put them up normally within 48 hours of when we go over them. But you have one hundred and sixteen that are currently listed on our website to choose from.

And these are good that you can go ahead and choose and post them. So if you are searching for new construction, you should click right here. And this link, you would go ahead, grab this link and put it in your social media post, relate it to this. And this is everything we kind of said during TNT for that day and a couple of different pictures from it and something related to it.

So we cover a bunch of different topics that we enjoy. And we would like you on Tuesdays to go ahead and post something on social media related to TNT, anything you kind of want. And there’s a ton of different content there. You can go up and you can search here and type something in.

So if there’s one of the topics like construction. And hit enter, what you’re going to see are different results coming back, and then this would be the one for new construction that we previously spoke about and you would click right here and you’d be able to find it.

So put anything in the search bar and if we previously covered it, it will show up in that section. So we have a bunch of holidays there. Katy came up with that challenge. Katy’s going to show you what it should kind of look like today. Come up with any format you want, but TNT Tuesday, TNT Tuesday is going to be a thing. So go ahead. And we took the time to put in our different our different thumbnails now to make it a little bit more engaging.

So that goes on right after we get done, closing out of topic, right after we get to closing out TNT. So we take like maybe a minute or two and then we turn the microphone on and we come back on. So if you haven’t seen that, maybe you’ll get to see it today. It’s kind of like behind the scenes. Yeah, it’s kind of like almost like a blooper reel every single day. But thanks, Katy.

Thanks, Katy. We’ll all watch you to see how it’s done. Those about.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 3.17.21

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