Chain Of Title

Hey there, real estate. Word of the day is going to be change of title number one, we’re going to define the word the number two, we’re going to use it in a sentence. And then number three, we’ll go ahead and discuss it for just a minute. And when I say we I have no idea why. I’m saying we because it’s just me here today. Shana, the luxury real estate broker is not here with me. So change the title is an analysis of the transfer of title to a piece of property from over the years.

So go ahead and use that in a sentence. A real estate chain of title is produced by a title company, and we could discuss that just for a moment. What it would be is like, hey, this is a document that is going to say that in this time this person owned it. At this time, this person owned it at this time, this person. Okay. And it goes through who happened to own that property at different time periods. It might have been parcelled up and might have been combined. It might have been sectioned off any one of those items. But yes, there we go. Now we’ve defined it. We’re done.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 5.10.21

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