Real estate word of the day today is certificate of eligibility, and it’s related to VA financing.

All right, so the Certificate of Eligibility is a document issued by the Veteran’s Administration that certifies a veterans eligibility for a VA loan.

Very good. So that was the definition. To use it in a sentence a might a person would say to you, a lender might say, could you please send me your VA certificate of eligibility, please? And then the veteran will know exactly what that means and they will have it. And there’s a specific form. No, they’ll send it right over and be like, here you go, sir, and they’ll probably even call you sir.

And it just is what it is. Right. So they know exactly what it is. So that’s how we used it in a sentence. And then just briefly discussing if you ever if if anybody has ever asked for it, they immediately know what it is I would like not to question. Right.

And if you ask a person then and they don’t have that positive like a not a problem, like I’ll send it right over, then maybe it’s not legitimate or they didn’t. You know what I mean? There’s often a red flag and we talked about red flags and different situations. This is one of the most clear things that they know they have access to and they can use it so they can have access. It is related to VA financing.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 5.6.21

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