Cell phone contact information for realtors, we’re going to talk about some best practices related to it, what you can do, how you can share, what should be included with it, what kind of tags, notes, other things to make it easy for people to find you later on. Those are all great point. That is luxury real estate broker Shana Acquisto. And I’m here kind of just directing us through this and having a good conversation with you. So without further ado, let’s kind of discuss it, Shana.

Let’s do it. All right. So your cell phone contact information is shared, is saved on your phone. And what you’re going to see is you in here. You’ll have your contact information. So on my phone, I have all my contacts right here. And then with each person related to them, you’re going to have some information. So right now, if I was to pull this off so you could kind of see it, I’m going to have a photo and I’m going to have a name associated with each person here.

So I just pulled up showing them my wife, nice and easy to be able to refer to her. And what I’m going to show you here is I have a picture of her and I just made it something a little bit interesting. But then the words underneath this, I have her name and then luxury real estate broker in there. OK, now some other things that you could include and I would highly recommend is also to put in your email address and your website in there.

And then if you go further under add and this Is on your personal contact. Yes. Your contact. Yeah, I’m just sharing yours. Happened to be super handy so I could pull up on the spot. But yes, this is your personal contact information and everybody’s related that you’re going to send out. And then inside here I would put the position in title.

So I have all these different fields that you can put in different ways. And I did. Did I put your wife? Is that I see it. Oh yeah. It says she’s my spouse, so you can see that she’s related to me. And then you put in the job and where they work. Right. So you put your company information in there and that’s listed as Acquisto Real Estate. And then you put your title in there so that they can find you. I also put your birthdate in there. I don’t know

Why. So you put that in there? I did, but. But what if I sent you my contact? Should have all of that in there.

I should write. I know. I’m just trying to help you out. But the important thing with this is when you have it, you can also put notes in and those notes will tag different items. So you have to realize how somebody is going to look you up later on.

Forget your name.Yes. They forget maybe how to spell it. Maybe your name is difficult to spell. Right. So you would put something in there or maybe your your name is just like Schupp and I have the same challenge. Right. So maybe we say her name is Mike or somebody pronounces it Mike. And then we also would put our contact information is my goal. And now maybe they can’t find us just for that one simple fact when they look up in their phone because they might know me as Mike, but I put my contact name is Michael now.

Could be more difficult to find. So if you have a similar thing, make sure that you address that right. Some people go by their middle name and it’s just all different types of things.

Some people I noticed if you have Michael, they’ll put in parentheses like very good and then your last name. But the more information you have in there, the more likely they are to find you. So we’re in Montana, right? We’ve met a lot of people putting a lot of contacts into our phone. And you have to have some keyword in there. So you’re going to remember who they are.

Yeah. So it’s weird. I have all these different people saved in my phone, but I save them not just necessarily their name, but like who they are or what they would be. Right. So I’ll have like I don’t know, brick repairman one or pool guy that shows up or I’ll have like pest inspector number one. Right. And I just like put them in there and I forget their names, but I look them up by their job and what they do.

So that’s why it would be important to tag certain things like the word real to your real estate and put those notes. There’s a note field and it all shows up when you would type in and kind of search under that in addition.
So the context I met in the elevator when I was stuck in there, I put that in the notes later.

Perfect. So then when you go to look that up later on, you’ll be able to find it yourself. And the reason you do that is when you see what I want you to do is share your contact information the first time you’re going to talk with somebody. That’s part of the best practice. So the first thing is to set it up correctly. So people so when you share it, they can find you. Right.

But then you have to actually physically go through and share it. Right. So the act of sharing it is going to be going into your phone and then simply texting it to them the first time that you speak with them and share it out there and say, here is my cell phone contact information that you can save to your phone. Right. Click and save it to your phone. Makes it nice and easy. It’s so much. I love when people do that for me, it’s really it’s a crazy thing if you do it for them, then they often will do it for you.

So something that I’m guilty of in the past is, you know, when you’re sending somebody your contact information, we have these beautiful graphic text graphics that assisted us with. And if you send that to them, which is this is mine, then and they they’re not going to save it. They’re not going to be able to save that. So that isn’t what you want to send to someone. If you’re sending your contact.

Right. You can send both so they remember who you are in a photo.

Yes, but don’t just send this because they’re going to not be able to save it into the context that way and they can’t click to do anything with it. Right. So when you save it to your phone and share it with them, you’ll have two options. You can save it, send it as a file or you can send it is like enfold. And what they’ll do is simply send just your number.

If you send somebody just your number and just your name, and they have to physically go through and save it and edit it and put it in and they won’t have all that info to tag. OK, so I’m hopeful that everyone here is following along with this, but it’s super important that the first time that you speak with them, you always send that out. Now they’ll have it.

So why don’t you guys send me your contact information? I know I have it, but send it that way and let’s practice. I know this seems like a really terrible thing, but it’s really important. It truly is, because you meet somebody later, like I lost your contact info.

You know, a lot of times we asked amongst each other, do you have a contact for this or that? I didn’t see in our Vinterberg or whatever it may be. And you just send them a number? Well, you know, they you’re putting that on the other person to really save it properly. But if you send in the contact, it’s way easier. So if you just take a minute, set it up properly in the beginning, send it out, it makes it much easier.

So imagine all the people that are trying to get in touch with you. You want to get one hundred percent of that that can actually do it and make it easy and make it easy for them to share their information from them to somebody else because they’re having a substantive real estate conversation somewhere with somebody else.

And if they have your phone information saved correctly and they can share it, imagine the power here. It’s sometimes it’s the most simple things. That had the biggest impact it does so, ladies and gentlemen, I hope that you complete that and I hope you go through with your practice and send all your information to.

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