Celebrity home tour time. Let’s take a look at our Faith Hill and Tim McGraw and their private island. Is this something that you guys have, you know, kind of been wondering about, like how do these people do things right? Like what’s going on? Can we take a look at what it would look like to have a private island? Just imagine.

Yes, imagine. OK. All right. Let’s go ahead and split the screen and we’re going to play this one without volume, OK? And we’re going to kind of talk while they do this. Oh, I have no idea why I thought this would be a complete celebrity, but we’re going to go ahead and. Oh, yeah. So this is a private island that this gentleman is talking about. Yeah, that would be cool.

And so what he’s talking about is how this is really close to Miami, how this is in a in Ireland range. Right. That’s just off. That’s part of the Bahamas. There’s three 165 islands right in a row. And this is one of them that they purchased a decade ago that look at this.

It’s like one point three acres of waterfront. They said, yeah, to beaches, seaplane. Look at that.  

Yeah. So that’s the private island. And they took and bought it 10 years ago and it took them that long to kind of complete it. They have a full staff that’s on that’s on site. When they initially bought it, there was nothing there. Right. It was all desolate. Need to bring in everything. So there’s no power. There’s no water, there’s no well, no drinkable water. Potable water. I don’t know why they call it that. Potable, potable. There’s no water there that you can drink. Right. Regardless.

But it took them nine years to kind of make this this property the way it is today. There was not one palm tree on this island. They brought all, I don’t know, 500 palm trees in from Miami. Yeah, that’s insane, because we all know about the palm trees.

It definitely very expensive. So he also goes on to say that there’s a couple of reasons why this area’s a very good area. Number one, it’s location and proximity to the United States. So it’s close, right? They did rename the island. So he’s going over the name of the island here. The second thing is the sand. It is four islands, Angell’s Islands of the Angel’s Islands of the Angels. Yeah.

Then the second thing that’s important about it is the sand. So the sand doesn’t get warm. So it always stays cool, which is interesting. They’re taking it to work kind of through here, right? It’s now really impressive,

Let’s all put our money together and maybe we can go buy an island thirty five miles an Island is the no, I don’t know, it seems really cool. So they brought in their own generator power Internet to make Internet like a smokeless trash incinerator. They said that was really interesting.

And then they have staff that’s on the island. They didn’t mention if it’s full time or anything, right? Yeah, that is pretty cool. But the staff has their own place that they are on the island. So that’s really cool. And it’s just really interesting. Right. So this is one of the things that can happen. So if you have a client right now that you’re like hot, would they like their own private island? Now, it doesn’t have to be exactly this. Maybe you’re a person that’s like really into development. Right? And you think like,

Hey, you need to be like things. I know you didn’t even know that. Right. And all of a sudden you’re like, wow- We’re going to start bringing you guys out of your comfort zone. So be ready.

Yes, look at that. So that’s an outdoor shower, which is kind of cool, like you’re on a private island. No big deal.
This is so pretty, that man. Can you all imagine having your kids there? Everything is white.
They also had their own like this kid. They had their own hospital that they put there for medical. Yes, they do.  

I like this kid brought in phone Internet. What do you think about the look at the space here that he goes over next?

I don’t know. Amy, what do you think the laundry room looks like?

That’s a good question. But so look up top, right? They have the three sixty five panoramic view that’s looking out. They said that the water is so blue that you can see it from space. Really? Yeah. The the blueness in the water stands out three waterfront villas.

Right. Maybe we can go stay there. I think we need a company trip to. Check this thing out.

I don’t know, seems interesting if you can get the Internet there, you can. You can. And if you get the power there and you do your own stuff and you have a generator and you have you’re into boats and these are the Eurus, those are your thoughts

Now, those or those jet skis? Oh, probably. These are cool. I would be perfectly happy.

And I think this is. Yeah. When Tim and I were talking and I think he said we were staying in the smaller of the two years, I don’t even know why he would tell us a small. Tim.

Tim, you talked to Tim McGraw. Yeah. When we were talking about this.
Oh, well, Faith told me that. Yeah. You know, I could use

I really like I kind of felt like I yeah. My wife probably was talking to Tim McGraw. I just said, like, his first name was Mike.

We were with a client one day and they were talking to Tom Brady On the phone. Yeah. The guy was like, hey. And it was like, wait. Like you said, no TV, like it or not.

Now cool. Like I get super star struck and, you know, like a little kid in a candy shop sometimes. So like what?

Like, I’m Mike, that’s a common name, but like I also definitely know that name, right? I’m like, Oh, I know Tom Brady talks like to be 12 who are in this charity type.

We were at dinner with Tim and Faith. All right. So. Thirty five million dollars Island.

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s special. It’s impressive. And this video is coming to an end. I hope that you guys enjoyed it. I hope you’re inspired. Just think outside the box. Let’s go back. We’re going to chat that Lincoln. So you guys all see it, right. And you can watch it later.

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