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They are building a new building. Yes, and they have a meeting coming up that is Shana Acquisto. She’s a luxury real estate broker. She happens to know what’s going on over there, CCAR. My name’s Mike. I’m just hanging out talking about this topic. And there’s a vote coming up and they need your attendance. Let’s discuss

The CCAR is going to be building while we’re hopeful to be building a new facility. And this is going to be a state of the art education and event facility and it’s going to be awesome. They have been trying to do something like this for many years. We’ve pretty much outgrown the building that they’re in right now. So after many years of going back and forth, we have we have land which is directly behind the CCAR building. Now, we’ve gone through all of the the city requirements.

We’ve chosen an architect, we’ve chosen a builder, and now we’ve put it all together. Before we can move any further, there has to be a vote from the membership, the general membership. OK, so we have to have a large percentage of our membership attend this meeting and stay on it the whole time there’s requirements and vote yes in order for us to move forward. So this is really important.

And you guys who wouldn’t want a state of the art education center, I think that is really something that we we need. Right. Just this is going to be awesome. There’s also going to be rooms where if you want to bring a client and you want to have a meeting there, you can do that.

There’s going to be all kinds of awesomeness there to put together a we work. I like it. Yeah. Do I get Wi-Fi there?  

Absolutely. Absolutely. Wi-Fi. There sounds to be really cool. We can have events there, have client meetings there and it’s going to be really cool.

So. Right. Is there and I hate when I ask a question I don’t actually know the answer to is I’m sorry about that advance. Is your conference from that? It could borrow if I had a small group. Yep. Perfect. Is your video recording equipment that I could use know. Hey, you guys nailed it. Yes. All right. It’s going to be sounds good to me. Acting cool, I’m pretty sure. Sure. The link. Yes.

So there’s even another perk to this.If you register and attend this special meeting, you will be in registered to win a thousand dollars. So CCAR is going to give away a thousand dollars for anyone who registers and attends this meeting. So, you know, there’s only so many participants it’s going to be allowed on this meeting. So I would get your registration done ASAP and be registered to win a thousand bucks. Who wouldn’t want a thousand dollars.

Sounds really good me to register in advance. There’s rules here to participate so you can’t just log on and then just walk away. You have to be present. So it’s almost like a like a trek education class. OK, so you have to log on. You have to be visible. You can’t you have to have your camera on and you’ll see there are some you can’t be driving in your car any of those things. It’s like you’re in a classroom environment. So please, it’s going to be one hour

And you’d like people to vote. Yes, absolutely.

However, yes, if you want to vote no, you can also be no you can vote No. You know what I mean? So be informed. That’s what I always think is most important, is not to listen to somebody that just says this is what you should do, but rather be a free thinker. Yeah. Consider what the options are and then give comments. So this is your opportunity as a member to participate? They’re going forward and doing a project, and if you want to give insight as a member, then you can.

Now, I’ve been thinking about this in advance. I am on the building committee. So if you do have some questions that maybe I could answer in advance, great. And you know, we can talk about it. And if if I can’t answer them, then I’ll encourage you to chat them in during the meeting.

And a good time to ask those questions might be during your agent one on one time that you already have set up in advance. So those are set up for Wednesday at eleven. Yes, I am. So Wednesday at eleven is a great time. If you have any questions about the building, schedule a meeting with Shana and we can go over. It’s really important to review with you. So let’s talk about it.

July 22nd at 10 a.m. is the meeting. So mark your calendars now and be free from 10 to 11 on July. Twenty second I send an email out to everybody yesterday and some of you already actually immediately responded back and said you have registered. So thank you for that. It’s really important for our membership to get involved and have these, you know, this facility, I think it’s really going to help all of us.

You guys have been working on that for a long time and it has been a long time coming way over. Your membership has grown dramatically and you far outgrew the different facility or the facility you were completely in. I think you made a great choice. They looked at a lot of other options on where to go. And I think this location was a good one just from the outside, looking in from a budget standpoint, from location, all of it, a lot of thought and planning has gone into this for months and months.

And you’ve been meeting with different builders, different options. And you guys went with an affordable option. But you should have a quality product. It’s going to be a quality product.


And, you know, if you’re out and you’re in between appointments and you’re, you know, it’s 100 degrees out or it’s freezing and you just want to pop in CCAR and chill, you can do that. They’re going to have a nice beverage bar or coffee bar and you can hop in and just kind of get some work done. They’re going to have computers like it’s going to be really great for us.

So, OK, sounds like it should be a please

Register, register, register, register and maybe will be the lucky one that wins a thousand dollars. Would you like to be copied or told that they register? I don’t know. You’ll know that you can and I appreciate that, but I will know who registers.

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