CCAR 2022 Leadership Instillation Recap

CCAR installation for leadership.

Yes. Shawna, so Friday we had her installation for next year, our our president elect or president for next year’s Marissa Barney and I am now president elect. So next year, I think the way it’s going to go down is I follow Marissa and learn the ropes for 2023, so why are we explaining this, because I need you guys, I want you guys to be a part of this journey that we’re going to go through in twenty twenty three and I’m going to need you because.

It’s a lot it’s a lot of responsibility, so we had this installation, it was very nice, and the way the installation works is I

Get a second and show some pictures. Yeah, I got a whole folder up here for us. So Omkar, let’s pull up some pictures if you don’t mind. And we’ll take a look through. And go ahead. So we’ll have these kind of on here while you’re talking through.

So the way the installation works is the year prior, you’re starting to prepare. You come up with a theme, a venue and kind of how you as the president, you know what your theme for the next year and what are your goals? So we this was Marissa’s and hers was back to the future.

So that was her theme, and it was really nice it was at the Westin Hotel and we had, you know, all the the past leadership there. It was really cool because we also had a lot of, you know, going back, I think I talked to you guys about the air convention that I attended and how many Texas people were representing at the NA level. But then you back it back down.

A lot of those Texas leaders were from Collin County, so it was really amazing. So this photo right here is Leslie Rouda Smith. She is now the president of Nature. So she is a product of CCAR.

That’s super crazy that she would be here. So tell us more about that and why.

Well, she came in to, you know, she was our speaker for this year’s installation and it was really cool because she was also we went to her inauguration, the big inauguration for in air. So, you know, as busy as she was. I mean, she’s been going through a lot, right, and that just happened.

She turned around, came back, this is her home, but came in to speak at this event.

And she’s a former CCAR president as well, right?

She is a former CCAR president. Yeah. And if you guys have never heard her story, that’s for another day. It’s pretty impressive, like she’s really powered through as a female in, you know, in this industry. And it’s, you know, it’s quite impressive.

So it’s really nice to talk to her. And then we had Sylvia Siebel. She is the Women’s Council of Realtors. She’s their president. She’s also a CCAR member. Mm hmm. And then right here to the left is Marissa Binay. She’s the current or next year she’s going to be our CCR president.

And then next to her is Jamuna Hill. And I really love her, too. She’s a really awesome lady. If you guys haven’t had a chance to meet her, then I encourage you to do so. She’s really cool. She’s done a lot with diversity and brought this to CCAR.

She started the diversity committee and just really brought that to the forefront. So that’s really cool. And then let’s see, we talked about Leslie. So to the far right as Mary Lighty, and she has been the CEO of CCAR for what they say.

I think they said 46 years and I was like, what? She started working at CCAR when she was 18

And she immediately became president. Like, it’s crazy,

Just charisma and how she unites people together. And I told her, I said, You should be very proud when when we had these events because these are all products of CCAR and it starts at the top right. And she I mean, I think she’s not only hilarious, but she’s just strong and a good leader.  

So she’s got a ton of great qualities and one of my favorite ones that she’s always positive, right? She’s got a great attitude, but you can hear her laugh from across the room and you just hear it and you’re like, There’s Mary. Yeah. And it’s just one of those amazing things you typically do.

I mean, at some point in time when you’re. You know, at an event with Mary, you will hear that laugh, which is cool, yeah, I think that’s awesome. So, so yeah, it was a great day. We had it for lunch. They used to have them for in the evening.

But I think they got a little out of control, so they moved it to a luncheon. But I would really like to OK, stop right here for a minute. I’d really like to bring it back to have an evening event, but we’ll see. So something that I thought was really cool as Marissa found these shoes and they are American flag. So they’re like sequins to American flag shoes.

And you know me and I love the shoes. So I was like, Oh my gosh, these are amazing shoes. Well, she’s now ordered them for Jamuna, who’s she’s going to be president or she’s secretary, treasurer. So we’re all in the leadership executive committee, and she had us all.

She ordered us both a pair of these shoes, so I’m super excited about that. I thought it was really nice. So, you know, we’re three we’re three women in on the leadership right now, which is I don’t know that it’s ever happened. So Marissa kind of came up with this Charlie’s Angels theme.

So that’s kind of why we’re doing that. Ok. Versus, you know. She’s got some, some fun ideas, she likes to have fun, so it should be a fun year.

All right. I like that. And maybe something about if you would hear and

I think you guys go back. There’s Krista. Oh, there’s my. So, Krista is the event coordinator for CCAR and a really good friend of mine. And so, you know, I thought that was a cool picture by the flag.

Yeah. And she’s a fellow shoe holick.  

Yeah, she’s my shoe sister.

Ok. I was like, Get a picture by the flag. It seems right.

She’s like, OK, we will. Yeah, it was really cool.

It was awesome, and so I was really happy when they brought her up to get sworn in. They said, Please turn and face me and I was like, That’s amazing. I get a great view. So there’s a picture. So here’s a picture of it.

And who you have up here? This is our current president, Ron Leach. Again, a wonderful, wonderful man. So he really experienced a hard time last year. He developed throat cancer at the end of last year. So in October they had I mean, it was severe.

So he basically had to learn to talk again. And he told us, Guys, I don’t think I’m going to be able to lead next year, so I’m going to have to step down. And we all said, Nope, we’ll be here to support you. You’re not going to step down. We need you. And he says today that push is really what helped his recovery.

So it was really impressive. You know, he got up and spoke at the Nature Convention and he was super nervous. He’s like, I’m just afraid I’m going to embarrass myself. I can’t speak it well. And he did a great job and he pushed himself.

And that’s that’s what I mean. Like, that’s that’s. Very impressive. And it just goes to show that no matter what’s going on in our life, we can push ourselves and overcome it. You know, that to me, is the true power of positivity right there.

And I’ve had the good fortune to get to spend some time with him, and he’s a very, very good person. Both him and his wife are just tremendous.

They are the sweetest and most caring and supportive people. And I know I think Hannah, maybe Susan, a couple of us have in myself, but we’ve been able to work with Ron on transactions on the other side, and he’s just a pleasure to work with.

He’s very professional and he just gets the job done and some very encouraging. And his son is Jeff Leach. He’s a state representative in Texas, so he’s a political figure, but he’s also equally as nice and it was funny.

He was at the at the installation on Friday, and Ron would say, I don’t know if I need the microphone and his son was sitting at a table right in front of me was like, You should do dad. So his son was, you know, coaching him just like

For his kids.

All that, yeah. But it was really cute. I thought that was really special to have him there. So, yeah, it was a good day.

Excellent. And congratulations and thank you for your service.

Four years of this, you guys. So I’ve gone in one year. Ok, got next year, president elect. Then I’m president, and then the next year I’m on as past president.

I didn’t understand the past, but  

You kind of guide the current president.

Ok, so it sounds good. Thank you very, very much. I appreciate you explaining that.

You know, the reason we do this is not for the recognition at all. Trust me, I don’t like to be the center of attention, but the reason we decided to do this and it was a wee thing because it’s it takes both of us was because, you know, we feel like we owe the industry, you know, we were given an opportunity and it, you know, it was it was hard. We were the little guys, right?

In a world of big time brokers and there were a lot of supporting brokers that helped us along the way. So, you know, a few years back, we decided we talked through it and it was actually you that said, I think we owe it to give back and we started doing different things and I got involved.

I had no plans or idea to get involved at this level, but it just happened and I’m just rolling with it. And it’s a great learning experience, and I just hope that I can, you know, impact or influence other agents in a positive way.

Yeah, tremendous, yeah. Congratulations again. Super appreciate it.

You guys don’t understand how big of a time commitment it is and you know the impact that it has, it’s it’s very significant, but you do have positive outcomes from what you’re doing. You do get to put some direction and a spin on things that you, you know, that you think is the correct way to go about it. And your voice truly, actually does matter in certain things.

And I think My voice or our voice is always a little different than what the normal or the trend is. You know, I want to if if I’m elected, I want to give you my true input. Not. Be a puppet, if that makes sense, so we’re doing that. See how it Goes. No, I agree with that. 100% percent.

So again, It takes all of us, especially Mike, that supports me to be able to do that. It’s a huge time commitment. It takes me away from the office. You step in and do double duty all the time and it’s really, truly amazing. And that’s something I don’t think anybody even sees because you never mention it. But you know, you do that for me and I appreciate it.

And for all of us and you guys, you guys as well. I mean, you’re very supportive. You’re always there. And this is an US journey. So we’re going to do it.

And this is the time when you remind people to get involved.

We need to all be involved, get involved at the association so we can go through this journey together because, you know, you learn a lot and you meet a lot of great people, you’re influenced by these individuals, right? And it’s really it’s nice.

One of the big, major things you did recently is going to be about CCAR and the new building, right? Yes. So we’re involved in a lot.

So they’re going to start construction on the new building and we’re hoping that my installation gets to happen at the new building. I don’t think that’s going to happen, but we’ll see.

But it’s going to be a big deal. Really nice to have a new building for events and classes and you know. Just really innovative technology that’s going to be really cool for for hosting classes and events. I’m excited about it.

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