Are they like cargo shorts? Cargo pants.

No, I guess you can you guess, you know, they’ve got different compartments that you can store things in.

I don’t know. I heard cargo pants were back in style. Cargo shorts are amazing. They’re just they have so much utility to them that. Good for you. I don’t know if I get made fun of. I actually got rid of them.

Anyways, back to cargo homes, ladies and gentlemen, so tell us a little bit about it and what you really like, should we go ahead and share the screen and show this off?

And they can be utilized in all different ways and actually maybe we’ll live in one of them.

All right. So we’re going to let you go home, maybe go ahead and share off and tell us what you’re thinking here, Shana.

So there’s different versions of these, right? And I think we we looked before it, the nomadic shacks, and they are extremely expensive, but they come furnished and they’re really trendy and really cool.

These are cargo homes that are made out of shipping containers, right? Yes. Yeah. You know more about this. So if you would like to talk about it, that’s great.

I do. OK, yeah, very cool. So Cargo Home is a company out of. I think they’re out of Waco. This is a gentleman I believe their story kind of started with as a project for his son. And they got together and the father son built like one of them. And it worked out really well. He has a large property down in Waco. And what he started to do was he went around and started to build more and more of them. And they were very popular. And people came and stayed in, um, their old shipping containers of various sizes. I think they have a 20 foot version and a 40 foot version. They have a tall version. And so there’s there’s different options. Yeah. Of what they kind of have.

But what do you utilize this for? So if you have someone that maybe has some land and you want to you know, you want to have a little guest quarters or something at the property, I mean, you would need to get approval by either the city or or your agent.

What if you don’t live in a city or in way? Well, it looks like you can put them all over. These are great little guest suites.

Or if you have a you know, if you have any clients that have like a deer lease or something like that, they’re great for that. But they’re so cute. I mean, I think they’re. Or maybe for your kids.

Yeah, maybe your kids can live in peace, so it’s kind of like a nice version, but it has a lot of different options with it.

I mean, it has its fully equipped with the kitchen and the shower and they’re easy to put in  place. So the thing that I like about him is if you’re doing something temporary, kind of where we came around on this is we were like hey, up an hour up at the rock and a ranch. We were thinking to ourselves, we would like to get there as soon as possible. We want to have something to be in now, but we don’t want it necessarily to be permanent. We don’t want to live in like a mobile home. So this is a different version of it.

It’s  like a more permanent version of a mobile home, but it has resale value. Right. So I kind of like that idea that we could put something like this on the property, having all the different things there, would like a bathroom and with a shower and whatnot. It would be small, no doubt. But afterwards, when you’re done, you do have something that you can resell that had value. You can still be on site and do that. And it’s rather easy to kind of put together Will, number one, because it’s so tiny and that’s about where it it’s not like a tiny home.

So it’s it’s tall enough to where you’re not going to have to.

You know, squat down when you walk in, but, you know, I just see this as if you have a client moving here and they want to add on maybe or you’re hearing these different needs for like a separate guest quarters or something like that. This is a you know, this is an option that you can be aware of and provide a little more value to your client.

I like the idea that they do have different options that you can do. So they will start you with the process initially where they have like a DIY kit and part of the DNA, part of the DIY kit kind of is it has a cargo trailer. They already put the windows in and they already put the door in and then some of them will just give you directions to kind of start from there. I believe they’ve said that, like sourcing the container and having it. So it’s leak proof and waterproof is superimportant. Oh, yeah. There there you go. So then what this one’s going to do is sometimes some of them, though, you know, put the insulation in so you’re ready to start and then they’ll put in the plumbing and then other options. So it includes what you need to finish it out, but it’s kind of a good place to start. And so it’s very cost effective if you want it all the way from that, all the way through. I’m sure there’s a lot of videos on YouTube on how you can do this yourself. So if you want to start from scratch, then you will definitely good. But maybe it’s an option and a little project. But this gentleman’s very done. Very, very well. I tried to book one to go look at it for an Airbnb down in Waco and he has a bunch of them and they were all totally full and his schedule is amazingly impressive.

As far as how booked is, it could be an affordable option to have an Airbnb as well.

And I think they were renting or leasing on a nightly basis for like between ninety nine and like one forty nine every night for one of these. And he had a bunch of them and they were pretty much like always bought.  

And I think this website has, you know, you can get some pricing on them. Do you know roughly what these are as far as cost.

A lot less than the nomadic shacks, over three hundred a foot.

So those are really expensive. And I actually saw one of those when I was in Montana recently and really cool.

Were they the ones that we saw off the side of the road that we thought they were them?

So, yes, those are very, very good for like places that you can’t get crews into that you want to set up quickly, that maybe you’re only going to own or lease for a certain amount of time and you want to bring it back.

Thanks, I think would be interesting to know about these is how insurance works on them also.

So that could be a real worth question of how how do you ensure they use and how that works.

Maybe we’ll put that in the notes and see what we can do there. That’s a good point. And then maybe we show Nomadic Shack in the very near future and do a little something on that side by side. Yeah. So we’ll do that and see if we think it’s worth it cost wise. But anyways, now you guys have kind of seeing that cost wise, if you’re looking at forty five thousand dollars seventy thousand one hundred thousand square feet. Yeah. So it’s really small anyway. So they bring them all into you guys and they’re ready to go. And then they obviously have the space up top where you go to.

I don’t know, they’re interesting. At the very least they are, they’re cool. Is it real estate. So it’s I don’t think you get it. It’s not like a car because it becomes attached to your property.

I don’t know what real estate taxes are like on this. I don’t know. We have a lot of discoveries today. That’s a good question. All right. So more to come on this maybe future topics.

I think we’re going to see more of these companies putting these options together. And I think it is a new type of mobile home.

Manufactured home auction, it’s just different, yeah, to say the least. It’s rugged you it kind of feels like Chip and Joanna. I mean, they’re from Waco as well. So it feels like they use some of that stuff in there. And I don’t know. And they designed house style. Yeah. The design in the farmhouse might make it feel better, but you’re still kind of in a shipping container at the end of the day.

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