Can Real Estate Become Market Like The Ford Maverick

Can the real estate market start to imitate what’s going on with the Ford Maverick, the new small mini pickup.

By what used to be the Ranger / Ford Ranger. But, you know, we grew up I grew up in a Ford family. My uncle owned one of the first four dealerships in the country.

And their phone number was seven. Was it seven?
Yeah, that was the phone number. Just seven. You’d pick up the phone and you would hit.

A operator seven. And that was they had a live operator. But, you know, the motto for Ford is built Ford tough. So I hope our real estate market relates to the Ford product.

Well, let’s take a look and see what we’re doing. Right. So how this compares here. So Ford is attracting younger and more female buyers with this smaller pickup.

And you got a maverick lady. So what we have here, the second point is the key one that I was looking at is about a quarter of the buyers are female for this pickup truck. Compared to the other way, it’s 90% are males. So it’s less than 10% normally for a pickup. But for this smaller, newer, more innovative. And they’re younger. Is it because males need the big heavy duty? No. Branch truck?

No. They’re they’re saying that this is a gateway truck. So you start in this smaller.

These guys more example came from California Omaha can you scroll back down a minute can I look at the other cars in this article? Okay. That one has horns on it. They live in Fort Worth. Yeah, that’s I see. That means you live in Fort Worth if you have that on the front.

Rachel and Stacy Love, Fort Worth. And that’s great. It is beautiful.

Yeah. All right. So let’s continue to scroll down and maybe we can see a picture of what the Ford maverick is 78 Lincoln Continental, but it’s a little bit more affordable. There you go.

And what they did is they reinvented this pickup truck and they made it smaller and then they made it where it had certain kind of less features. And they changed the price and it allowed for newer, younger and different buyers to get into it.

Well, and it became a Texas and they think I need a truck. Right. They just…. yeah, I don’t know.

So why I show this off is because they were able to take something like a pickup truck and make it a little bit more feminine and have more females want to buy it. And they made it simpler, cheaper. And can something like this be done for housing? Right.

That’s why we bring it up here. They made it usable, interesting and functional and better gas mileage and it became what what a lot of people wanted. Yeah. So how do we do that with housing? How do you market and capture that if that’s what you would like.

But and still have it efficient. Right. And functional and efficient and you know something that has a decent quality about it.

Yeah. And it’s making non pickup people become pickup people. Maybe we’ll get maybe we will get a ranger.

Yeah. Well, I was looking at it and the reason it was interesting to me is because this vehicle, if you look at a side by side, right, like a Can-Am or a Polaris or one of those, and you get one all souped up, it actually costs more.

It is crazy than this pickup truck.

Yeah. And this also said the average age of a new vehicle buyer is 48. So if you you know, you say it relates, can you imagine if the average age of the first time home buyer is like in their forties? It could be.

While it could be for their home. And then the pick, the the maverick is more like an apartment or a townhouse or a starter home.

Yeah, right. And then the home is more like, you know, the F 150. I don’t know. I’m trying to draw parallels and I’m trying to show you what somebody else did and how it worked for them and what it’s attracting in. Just yeah, it’s a little bit different. So maybe when you meet with your clients like, Oh, you’re a Ford maverick, I get it.

Oh, you’re a Fiat. Yeah, you’re you are an F 350. Let’s go get you a house or that’s awesome. All right. Is that it, Don?

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