Hi, Shana Acquisto, broker request a real estate and Hannah , I wanted to say Hannah Montana, Hannah Ewing top realtor in McKinney, Texas. We’re here to talk about California real estate highlights. We’re going to talk about of all the agents that we visited, how many of their listings are moving out of state y? And a big, big surprise from our last day in California and a walk on the pier.

California Real Estate

So we’re going to talk about that. So let’s get started, Hannah. So what did we learn? We met with several top agents, you know, as you guys know. And if you don’t know, I’m going to tell you, Hannah had an idea to go back to California and try to understand this whole mass exodus that’s happening from California. There’s so many people moving to our area from California. We want to know. We want to know why.

So, yeah. So just to rewind a little bit, I don’t know if everyone knows this, but I grew up in California. I know. I don’t know. Texans hate Californians or I don’t think we do anymore.

But there’s a miss and, you know, it’s just kind of it’s a misunderstanding. So we’re going to cover that, too. But, yes, I did grow up in California and I grew up in a small town called Bakersfield.

Show or our photos. We’re going to show off some of our parks.

It’s a lot like Texas. Bakersfield is it’s very conservative. It’s an oil town. And so during this last 12 months, I’ve had a lot of people call me saying that they’re going to move to McKinney, Texas, or to Collin County. And it got me thinking to Shawna that if we have so many people coming from California, maybe we should go straight to the source, meet with some agents, and when they meet people that are moving, they’ll have a face to put to a name and they can stand in my way and I can help them.

So that kind of prompted the trip to California and the great road trip across the state. So that’s that’s why we went and we met with several amazing agents. It was really fun to just get to know people and hear about their market. And what we are surprised to hear is their market is booming, too. So they list a home and they’re also getting multiple offers. But one agent told us she simply is a listing agent. So she only works with sellers. And she had a record year last year. And of the homes that she listed, she said 70 percent were moving out of state, 70 percent.

So the the interesting thing is 70 percent are moving out of state of that, a large percentage where we’re moving to Texas. But, you know, it’s surprising to me because they’re all in multiple offers every home. It’s like our market here, which is crazy. So as many people are moving out, there’s many people still moving within the state.

Yeah. So what we found is where their buyers are coming from. They’re all California buyers. So the California buyers are moving to less expensive areas or, you know, moving away from the big cities now that like us, they can work from home. They’re selling and moving to less expensive areas to get more houses for their money. So that’s a lot of where their offers are coming from. And then.

And why, right. Yeah, but we did we did learn that, you know, some of it is political. If they have kids in school, that’s a huge factor. And, you know, just, you know, and it’s emotional. So I think I’ve talked about that last week. But it is hard if you grew up in a place your whole life and then you feel like you’re kind of getting pushed out. Yeah.

So so did we want to talk about a topic to California buyers?

That’s going to be our next topic. Next topic. But I want to throw in this biggest surprise of our trip and the last day here. And I got it. We get up super early. So we got up really early. We walked on the pier, we got all the way down. And there was this restaurant down there. We’re going to tell this restaurant and, you know, clam chowder there. I guess they’re known for playing restaurant on the pier. I’m like, oh, we want clam chowder bay. We’re in California, so we’re really excited about it.

So we’re walking by this big truck, you know, that’s unloading all of the supplies to this restaurant and they open the door. And what we see, Hanna, we saw a bunch of cans of Campbell’s clam chowder cases, cases and cases and cases of canned Clam chowder. Was it Cordle’s?

I think it was it was Campbell’s like, wait a minute, what. So that was a huge disappointment. It was.
We did not have lunch there. We can get that at home. But don’t worry, we ate a lot on that.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 4.14.21

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