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Who loves Zillow One? Well, ladies and gentlemen, I suppose I do ask Shana Luxury real estate broker with Acquisto Real Estate is also a huge ZOHO fan. And you have as. I am sure that you wire. Right. You wear that all the time. It’s a nice green one. I think it’s super cute. I really enjoy when you wear it. It’s just one of those things. I’m like, oh, she loves tech and that’s amazing. So we’re going to talk about Zoho calendar and the update that they have that they have related to it. OK, we’re going to take and we have a link. We’re going to chat that Lincoln for you right now. We’re going to pull up the screen and producer Omkar is going to help us

Do this automatically update for us. So there’s not an app or anything that we have to update.

You know, that’s a great question. So, Shana, as we’re looking at this on the Web, you will still go to the same exact website and there’s probably a notice up at the top that shows up for you. So a challenge right now. Log in to Zoho Calendar. Right. It should be saved. It’s probably one of the ones that’s pinned right at the top for you. And then when you do that, you’ll see that they’re like, hey, we have new updates. What I’m going to do is go over those updates and short for you and you can get to it from the Web and everything will be updated the first time they kind of walk through the steps.

But I felt it was important. So you guys kind of knew what they had done. Right. And then from the Web or from your mobile phone, if you’re out and about, you can always get to Callander. It’s integrated directly with email. So what you’ll do is you’ll click on email and you’ll open it up. You all have Zoho email on your phone. Yep. And then there’s going to be a calendar icon that you’re going to click on at the bottom when you click on that, then it opens up all the calendar features.

So email and calendar are together in the mobile version and then online, it’s right over here. So let’s try and take a look at this and see what we have here. OK, so in this link, as we kind of scroll through it, let’s have it. Watch this video. Let’s click it and see what happens.

All right. It’s like. Moulin. Yeah, what is that? I don’t know. I don’t know if I’m all into those Disney is this making sense? Like should I continue with this calendar and watch what they’re doing here? I can’t hear it, so I don’t even know it’s going.

I think it’s a stone age. Like taking it from the Stone Ages to.
Oh, there’s the new view. Oh yeah. That’s sexy, isn’t it. Yeah. Oh see. Oh yeah.
It’s pretty good looking. Look at this. Was that guy just making drinks. I don’t know.
It’s Friday. Yeah.

If you want your Chinese that’s where they stop. That’s where they thought was the good selection. I need it in Mandarin. Let’s do it right.

All right. Garçon has everything in French on his phone and it’s really crazy, right? Yeah.

Oh, Darmody. I like night mode. I like night mode. There’s different time zones. I think that’s what this guy scrolling around looking at creating these events. Look at the tabs at the top. Everyone loves tabs. It makes it much easier. I didn’t see. Yeah. All these different things. Look at the colors so that it just is awesome. Nice.

Ok, that’s Great. So they’re continue to go through. I know, I know something’s happened. Yeah. Who’s excited? All right, so what makes this new calendar better, right? I’m sure you guys are all super, super excited with the new calendar, but they have a revamped interface, so it looks nicer. Yeah. All right. So that’s one of the items that you have the tabs across the top. I’m going to actually go ahead and I’m going to go ahead and take control of the screen here for just a second hand car. And I’m going to show off my calendar. All right.

So I love to do things live so everyone gets to see it. So as we’re looking at the calendar, they change what the app looks like now at the top. If you know, if you can see that on my screen up here, well, you can’t because it’s run out of the way. But what they did they changed the color of it and changed the appearance of it. It used to be red. The Zoho, when they go through and update items, they seem to change all of the icons to the new updated version.

So if you’re looking at it in just a glance, that’s what you’ll kind of see. All right. Now, what we have here is these are the people that you’re following and that makes it nice and easy. The tabs are all up across the top so you can continue to add them. You have new, simple ways to add things and you can add an event or a booking. So if you go ahead, you can choose either which one can do it. They have smart ad.

So you can add in the event title here, you can go ahead and pick your attendee’s and type them in and see whoever you want to attend. Right. And if I wanted to invite maybe my sister and I’ll invite Amy, then we have the location. You can add conference and you zonal meetings directly here if you want. So it sends out the reminders and everything else.

You can add it to your schedule, you can put the URL in, you can have your reminders with pop ups or emails or notifications, whichever you want. You can attach items and have your description right. So you can go ahead and repeat this and reoccurring and do all those things. You can easily add additional calendars that you want to be a part of and have updated for you.

So if you want one of them that you might want to add for yourself is to be part of like the U.S. holiday calendar and it’ll put the holidays on there for you or not. And then if you want, you can always get to our calendar. So you have Shana’s calendar and it should be shared with you. So you can click on that and it’ll add what she’s doing. So you can take a look and see what Shana is doing if you want to talk with her. Right. So if you want to set a meeting that often helps and use one of our predefined meeting times, but if not, then go ahead and do that. There’s just a ton of upgrades that are in here that kind of make it much easier to see the

Importance like your location and things are moved up. I like that.

Ok, very good. And then you have all these times here, you can obviously share these challenges with other people and you can just kind of walk through and see things. But all your settings are over here with your preferences, your appearance and how you want it to look. You can put your predefined time. So if your meetings always take a little bit longer than you can make them forty five minutes each is a default. Sometimes you’re involved with making having meetings and they take you a little bit longer. So maybe always make them an hour and then you’ll be fine.

Right. Hopefully, you know, they show your whole time because they didn’t really do that before you were busy the whole.

Yeah. So what it does, it shows like this whole time. Right. So like this goes over Twitter. Yeah. I’m looking at your calendar here and this is in pink and this is Shawna and she was interviewed with Channel 11 News and was it Tuesday? So that was from nine thirty to eleven. And then it kind of shows there. And then when you click off of it, it’ll add the items are not add them to your calendars.

So you kind of have more or less stuff and you can change the colors of what’s going on. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s really, really nice. There’s tons of options and it’s easy to use it. OK, so I think I hit most of these items up and kind of all good to go, but just know that it’s there for you. There’s been improvements and enhancements and I’m always happy to report them.

Any time that they do come up, go ahead and utilize it gives although calendar a new fresh look and ensure that you remember that we want you to use this as your personal calendar. So go ahead and put all those items in there, because then when you go and send your calendar to somebody else, which will be doing more often now that you’ll have everything on there and you’ll have it all in one nice consolidated place. So personal items are totally fine to put there.

You can mark in private, there’s all types of things. Take a tutorial on ZoGo calendar if you have not. The Internet has a lot of great resources there, for example, there is amazing training online for it. Just go ahead and hit that Google search bar and type some stuff in and you’ll see exactly how to utilize it. But calendars, an important item. It really is.

So you have email ,calendar and CRM. If you’re looking at some of the top things, those are what they are and make it easy on yourself. Just be a power user of the important applications. Keep your schedule right. Like know how to check it. If you’re not doing the basics right, if you feel like you’re overwhelmed or too busy, then really sometimes you go back to basics. So calendar. Mm hmm. And do that.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 5.7.21

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