Buyers Representation Agreement – Hey, Agent, are you wondering, hmm, when should I show my buyer properties without a buyer representation agreement signed, be it digital or in person? My name is Mike Acquisto and we’re going to sit here for a couple of minutes.

I don’t know, maybe say five minutes and fully discuss that topic. All right, so I do have a litmus test in the litmus test for that goes a little like this. Hmm. I don’t have a signed by representation agreement. I don’t have any of the correct documents that I should to represent my buyer client. So I’m just simply like their friend out there doing something for them.

Buyers Representation Agreement

So the litmus test is imagine you’re out showing properties, right? You don’t own me personally any responsibility. You owe your family a responsibility. So what I want you to think about is that you can sit there with a clean heart and tell your spouse significant other Orchid’s. Hey, guys, I’m out here showing this property to this person. They don’t respect my time enough to sign this representation agreement into initial this piece of paper to ensure that we get paid as a family.

They don’t value my time enough to do that. But I feel 100 percent comfortable that this is a great use of my time. And I should do this because. Right, and as long as you as the agent, the buyer’s agent that is can make the justification to your family and feel good about it, so you don’t owe the accountability as a brokerage.

This is self accountability. You owe it to your family that you’re doing these things. So that clean heart, if you sit down with your spouse and you can say, hey, I didn’t get these correct documents signed. And I think that is a really important point for you to be able to do.

Just sit there and be like, hey, sweetheart. Yeah, I didn’t get that form signed. And you’re like, huh, that’s weird. It work. When I have a job, I do it. Hmm. All right, so you don’t have this agreement signed and now you’re going out and doing these things and you’re like, yeah, well, they’re going to do it and I totally trust them in all these things.

Think back through that. And how many times does it happen to you that it hasn’t worked out? If you can say that, like every single time things work out, then it’s not a big deal for you. Just keep doing what you’re doing. If it doesn’t work out, then kind of hold yourself a little bit accountable, maybe tell your kids, tell your spouse, hey, this is what I’m doing. Didn’t get that form signed. Think of that sounds right. Maybe push just a touch harder that will promote you to, like, do what you’re supposed to do.

Right. So anyways, here to Acquisto Real Estate, we have a buyer’s engagement and that’s not is difficult to sign. As the buyer representation agreement, the buyer representation agreement has a bunch of details in it that have to be filled out and it seems scary.

I don’t know why, but please understand that this is the first signature that you need from the client all the way to go through. If the client never signed any agreement, then it’s not closing. Their signature is needed all over the place, whether it’s on the contract, whether it’s on amendments, wherever it is. And they eventually have to sign the settlement statement.

And there’s a bunch of things to do and they got to send money. Right. So is this going to happen if they don’t start by signing document one, I like to kind of reflect on this and just give you a different perspective. So just kind of like focus back in here on this one and imagine. That client now, if they want to sign the one document that has to do with you being compensated and then being loyal to you.

How did they expect you to negotiate on their behalf to sign all of these other documents, a stack of papers right on their behalf, if you can’t get the one document signed? That’s really in your best interest. Huh, so we’re in a pause for just a second to reflect on that one.

That was a pause for effect. I hope you use the time wisely and seriously considered what you’re doing there when you get that big representation agreement signed, please send that over and upload it correctly to Stacey and put it directly through the system. Tag her with the note. Put it in there. Let’s do it correctly and hold yourself fully accountable. See previous episode on accountability. All right, closed.
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Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 5.5.21

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