Would you like to buy your own island? Yes, I would. How much? I don’t know. Well, it depends. So there’s some variables. OK, so let’s let.  

So your very own island, like the only way to get there is like a boat. Well, I suppose you could take a helicopter. OK, OK. Maybe a zip line. I don’t know. It depends on what you’re setting up. There are variables involved, so I don’t know the exact way that you want to get there. You could swim.
Hmm, that could be difficult. OK, that’s a good option, paddleboard.

I mean, I don’t I don’t know what you’re trying to accomplish here. Yeah, maybe take a jet ski. Just all depends on it.

Let’s focus on Tanner’s fiancee. Is that where even you been seeing French? I know. I love it. Her family has a little island. Right. And they went and spent some time there last year. That’s pretty cool. It in France.

I can’t remember. She said you couldn’t have a car there overnight. That’s what it was. There’s a barge that went there, but you could never deliver equipment to build or whatever you need. Yeah. No cars or interesting.

Crazy. Mm hmm. Well, anyways, here’s the concept is you can buy your own island, Omkar, let’s chat in a link and go ahead and share some good information. Yeah, this. Perfect. So here are some islands that you could buy. They are all different prices. And, you know, the reason we bring this to you guys is because some people do want to do stuff like this.

And I’ll show more information about that just a little bit later. But let’s not get lost in it. Check out these beautiful islands. This one is four hundred and sixty eight years. Four hundred and sixty acres. It’s pretty good size. Sixty two million dollars to get flood insurance. You know, I don’t know. Well, so most of these places, there’s Tag’s down below. So it’s got an island and it’s got features, large acreage and it’s an ocean island and you could potentially derive income from it.

So, Amy, let’s talk after this weekend of a family island family island.

Well, maybe we’d have to scroll a little bit lower down in the page because these are sorted by price. So if we go lower down, you’re going to see that there are all different types. Right? So some of them are turnkey where stuff’s already there. Some of them have larger, smaller, some are different prices. Some are located in other areas. Some are in all different types of things. Right. All across the world, there are islands that are for sale. They are in different statuses. Some of them have places large enough that you could have an airstrip put in.

So if you own your own private plane. Someone that’s on your bucket list. So do you want to own an island first or a plane, a plane, a plane and then an island? Yeah. Is that the order? Yep.

Do you have to take a stop and buy a helicopter? I don’t know if she’s out on helicopters. OK, well that’s all good to know. So these are all different sizes. Right. And some of them are like seven million. 10 million that one seven hundred acres. Wow. Yeah, that was seven hundred acres that have her own fantasy island.

So anybody remember that Fantasy Island. I know it was a TV show plane. The plane.

No, I know. I get that reference. Yeah. You forget my age maybe.

All right. Let’s scroll down even more, because there are some that are human prices. So as we stroll onto the human price, once I thought about normal, but I guess if you’re buying your own island, you do have a lot of money, right? Yeah, but as we scroll down, we’re now seven million dollars. So we’re getting maybe closer, I don’t know, to your own island. I don’t know that one just sold. Johnny  sold. So that’s all gone. Yeah. So anyways, we’ll let you know we’re down to 4.9 million.

You know, though, it’s funny. We actually ran across just in talking, you know, we like to talk to people and we were out of town or started talking to someone and he mentioned that he wanted his own island. And we’re like kind of joking. And that’s kind of where this came from.

So since then, Mike found this, you know, these independent islands that are for sale and has been communicating with this individual. And it’s kind of interesting.

So just, you know, these are good things to just keep in the back of your mind. You might think it’s kind of funny or wow, who could ever do that?

But there are people out there that are looking for things like this. So you have to start, you know, just listening open in your ears and you’d be surprised how many people you’ll find that are in need of things like this or want. I don’t know if this is a need.

It’s definitely a need. If you’re going to list me what it’s like, would be really super nice to have, like, kind of don’t even care about or like definitely don’t want this.

Got a little extra money in my slush fund. That’s good. Niland So most of these islands come with not much there. Right. So it depends on the personalities. No utilities. Right. So you’re going to have to exist in a slightly different fashion than you might be used to here in Texas. Right. But maybe it gives you some different things. We could start a development like our own. No, you totally could. But now you’re going to need to start the development. You’re probably gonna need like a barge, but it might not be deep enough because you probably don’t have a port to bring in.

Check your bank accounts and then we can talk after and we can all put our money together and well, there’s no Internet there.

So it’s to be tough to remotely work from there. So you don’t have to work on, like, satellite phones, I suppose. I’m not sure. There’s probably not an emergency service there. You probably don’t have stuff like. Yeah, there’s not like a hospital.

Like, there’s some things that it’s missing when you buy your own island. So all of a sudden that becomes really deflated, unless you have, like an intense amount of money, it’s probably pot there. It might be dangerous. There might be venomous things. I don’t know how much stuff you’d have to bring with you, but a lot. And I don’t know how many challenge you’re in. I’m in. All right, chat now, if you want to buy your own private island, there are different.

Sean is on the phone right now. Caller number two, let’s answer the line. Which island would you like to buy? Ok, I’m looking for goat. You have a goat. Goat. Seven acres, four point eight million dollars. Oh, we have fun. While that falls below the limit of will travel for real estate, four point eight million not doing it.

We do have requirements for for traveling for real estate. And that is the next topic. So it’s good to do it. I know. I live on my island.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 1.29.21

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