Move Your Real Estate Business From GIGO to VIVO .

Make your real estate business go from GIGO to VIVO? Yes. What does that even mean? So GIGO is garbage in. Garbage out. Think about it. Garbage in.

It is something to think about. In focus as independent contractors. Think.

GIGO to VIVO. Value in. Value out. And how are you tracking these key metrics so that comes back to your database? Right. So my question to you is, agents is what is important to you? What are the key things that you do as an agent that matter to you specifically, not me, but to you?

So are you one of the people that say, you know, what I need to do every day is I need to call ten people. I need to knock on three, right? I need to meet two new people and put them in the database. What are your key metrics that sustain your business?

You have to put some goals in place.

For that, but what makes it work for you? Everybody is totally different. Some people could say, I need to volunteer so many hours because when I volunteer it works myself.

When I was originally working in the beginning, it was I needed to volunteer and be the coach of every team that our kids were on and somehow that resulted in business. I never pushed it, but every season we’d get more.

Business, family goal. Like, what did we want to do?
You could tie it together and what did we want to do and be yourself.

Know, if you’re if you’re in business for yourself, these things should all be part of of you. Right? And you should be working on it alongside when you’re you know, you have your family time and you have these things you need to separate. But at the same time, you know, no understand opportunities.

When there’s times when you step back, can you ask for clarity in your life and you want to pursue something? And you’re like, My life would be better if. And then you just sit and ponder and think and I would be best if I did this right.

And then you can find the business and create it from there. If you’re true to who you are and your you are your best self, then you will attract and you’ll get. But at the end of the day, what you have to then find out is how is this? But what are the key metrics to report on?

So the question then becomes agents. Send me an email with What are your key metrics that you need to track for yourself?

Yep. To relate. Each one of you. We want you. This is an action item.

Send me personally an email. And if you feel comfortable, you can copy, Stace. You can copy, Shauna. Right. To hold yourself accountable. But to say for your business, I would be successful if and when. Right. This is what’s important to me. And you’re going to move from giggle from putting garbage in, garbage out. So think about before this conversation. Were you putting all that information in the CRM?

Were you tracking it? Were you doing any of this or were you running reports on it? Were you putting the stuff in? Right. So if you’re not, then you’re not putting information in, so it’s garbage in, so you can’t report on it. And I want to help you move to vivo value in, value out. And what essentially that means is we need to track some of the things that you’re doing that are important to your business.

And I want to help you out. The main reason this question comes up is we are making some some adjustments into our new system, our new CRM, that we’re moving towards the myki system. If you’re not totally on board with that yet, we’ll fill you in. Is it is it rolls out. But our custom CRM we’re moving towards and I need to know what fields are important for you. Right. So but it comes back to you first.

What are you doing? How are you going to be successful? And then once you do that, you establish what are the key metrics I need to be put new people in. So Mike, run a report for me every day or every week and tell me how many new people did I put into the CRM with full information? And it only counts if I put name, address, phone number, email, whatever. Right?

Did I send them off on a search? Like what are the key things for you to relate to result in success? And then we’ll help you achieve those and hold you accountable to make sure they happen. Then you’ll add value in, value out instead of GIGO. So send your emails. Everybody send your emails.

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