There is a burn ban in Texas, actually, and it’s in several different places. But is it here? Well, it depends on which county you live in. How would you get that information? Well, I’m going to show you that Web page real quick so you can know if you can burn, if it’s legal, where you happen to live.

So let’s go ahead and take a look at where you can burn and where you cannot burn. So over here on my page, we pulled up where you can burn and where you can’t burn. And within the state of Texas right now, you can see on the screen, I’m moving around and we have which areas it is OK to burn in. So if you’re looking for this information, you can scroll around here and you can see that up here in Collin County, we are in the white zone. The white zone appears to be fine and you can go ahead and burn. If you were in one of these other counties, then you cannot. This is a live map and this map is interactive and it happens to show you in real time where you can and cannot burn outside if it is legal where you currently reside. So if you’re like, hey, can I burn now? The answer is you have it. And here’s where you find it. And there’s a website for you. I hope you found that useful. You probably have a lot of your real estate clients asking you that all the time. Now you know the answer and where to find it.

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