What Do You Enjoy The Most About Building Homes – Hey there, it’s Mike A when can’t I get to spend time with this guy? He’s a good, tremendous man and he’s great at what he does. So we’re going to discuss now is what you enjoy the most about building homes. You’ve been doing this for a long time now, but there are some different items that really, really matter to you and what you truly enjoy. Right.

Building Homes

So I want to talk about the tangible results. We’re going to talk about the excitement that you get to have with homeowners and their relationships. Do they have these trades and how that all kind of comes together to create this amazing experience that you get to have with you. So let’s start with tangible results, sir.

No, I my wife and I went back to college with a couple of kids later in life. And at that point, I knew I wanted to to be in construction. I’ve been involved in construction and I’m a hands on person tinkering with things, building projects my whole life. And at that point in our life, I decided I needed to add the business aspect to it. And so we went back to college about 32 years ago and brought our two children and obviously a different, different college environment than when you’re just out of high school. We got through it pretty quick and my major was construction management.

And there’s several different directions you can go in construction management, you can go on the commercial route or you can go the residential route. And I chose the residential route because. I think the results are much more emotional, they’re tangible results, and it’s great to get the emotional feelings of the homeowners and the excitement they see when the home progresses and when they see their vision created, as opposed to commercial, which tends to be more of a business decision. So that’s the direction I chose. And from college I’ve been in the last 30 years, been building homes,

You know, and I can see the passion with every single thing that you do. And you like that connection, right? Whenever I get to meet with you, I see like, I just feel it in you that the residential construction, it just matters to you right now.

And part of it’s my age, my mom, the more the the tail end, I guess, of my career as opposed to the beginning. And as I’ve gone through the cycle, I think that that emotional connection with the homeowners have even become more powerful. I’ve further recognized as I’ve gotten older in life, what really matters, what’s important to people and and family is very important to me. And the home is is typically for a family. And to see that excitement and and emotion with the family has even become more important to me as I’ve gotten older.

That’s amazing. And then you talk about relationship for trades, right? You’ve had a lot of them been with you for a long time. So kind of talk about

Several of our trades have been with me from the very beginning. I’ve used with various companies I’ve worked for and my concrete supplier, for example, we’ve been working together for 30 years. And just an interesting story here on a side note, you know, his son, when him and I first started working together thirty years ago, he was in the field setting forms for you concrete. I was in the field physically building the homes. And about three years ago, just so happened that his son graduated from college within 30 days of my son graduate from college.

So they both came to work for us within a couple of weeks from each other. And one of the one of the most exciting parts of that was one day driving by a job site and seeing him and my concrete contractor son standing on a lot with a set of plans, looking at the set of plans. So he now runs the the crews, my concrete contractor son runs the crews and my son builds the homes. And to see, you know, over 30 years that transition from one generation to another is truly an amazing, amazing thing, an amazing blessing.

So if you’re sitting there watching this and you don’t build yourself a home with cat, then there’s probably something wrong with you. You have, like, no soul. That was like an amazing story. It makes you want to, like, tear up. Right. And it’s what you all want as a parent is to get to do that. And you start a business. You have this vision.

I know we did, my wife and I, that we would have all of our kids working with us. And some people are just maybe better at it than than we are. Our kids are growing up and they each find their own path and hopefully they all come back and we get to work with them eventually. But congratulations to you. It just says so much what you just said right there. It really does so well.

I’ve got I’ve got right now I’ve got some eight granddaughters that I’m just with, with their parents being involved in the business and building homes. I, I truly envision one day for for them to to take over and and grow and grow the company from that point.

Well, that’s amazing. You know, family. It just it resonates and it’s important. So thank you very much. Let’s hit the bell. Move on the next.

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